I have the solution !

.. so now it’s up to all those wonderful crochet designers to act upon it.


For an awful long time I’ve been plaintively hinting to the Web’s many clever designers of crocheted garments – specifically, cardigans and/or jumpers – to come up with patterns for moi.

These would need to be designed à la “A-line” to accommodate my somewhat more than sylph-like shape. What I mean is, to fit right around my (_|_) as well as fit my shoulders ..

And suddenly, this-morning, while perusing the latest offering from a wonderful Irish designer called Carrie, the .. erhmm .. equation hit me !: establish for each yarn weight the number of stitches per cm and design the A-line garment accordingly.

[pause ..]


[embarrassed grin]

That’s, like, gauge.

[clears throat]

Right, then. Let’s get on with the idea ..

So it shouldn’t be a complex thing for a designer to plot out a pattern that’s wider at the bottom and decreases as it goes (or, of course, verse visa), should it ? – or should it ?

I can google endlessly, but all I manage to come up with are designs like these:


and not one of ’em is without shaping. All I want is a simple pattern – just such as are devised by people like Carrie, by the wonderful Dora Does, by Sandra of Nomad Stitches .. these women are mind-blowing to me, and I would like all of them to design me a perfect A-line cardigan, please ! No shaping, no peplum – just measurements around the shoulders and the bum that result in a garment that can be done up all the way down the front OR hang open, and one that looks .. well, NORMAL.

I keep wondering if I should be able to work that out for myself .. but the ancient brain looks askance at the very thought ..


18 thoughts on “I have the solution !

  1. I have been listening… I’m working on a new raglan cardi design – it a similar concept to my any yarn will do sweater. And I’m going to add shaping instructions for an a-line body option. And I’ll make one of the 5 samples a-line too. If all goes well that is x

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    • Oh, you are a MARVEL, Michelle ! :)
      But then, of course, any designer worth her salt should drop everything when I whinge, eh ?


    • Michelle will: not only is she a brilliant designer of crochet garments, but one who does know how to to flexible. And the bitch has the gall to be PRETTY, for crying out loud ! – so that she can model her creations and make them look good.
      As well as which, she writes THE most helpful posts for people who are learning to crochet: her Resources section must be the largest in crochetdom !
      I like and admire her an awful lot. :)


  2. I’m always on the hunt for a comfy sweater that will actually cover me without hugging too closely. Lately I’ve been living in Boxy sweaters by Joji Locatelli, but they aren’t the shape that you are looking for, I know. They do let me layer up as much as I want and I can’t seem to walk away from a good V-neck…

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    • I say, Marilyn – how the devil ARE you ? And I’m also keen to know about the health of the boss of the house ..? I see her there, and she looks a teeny bit spoiled .. but of course, that’s the mote in my own eye .. [grin]
      How does your garden grow ?
      What wondrous thing are you currently knitting ?
      (I shan’t ask about the reading, only because our tastes are too diverse.)
      Report in, please, when you have nuffing better to do ! :D

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      • I’m going crazy watching the election results right now… it’s going to be an extremely crazy week! I also just bought way more yarn than I should have, but it made me happy, so that’s what happened!! I’m hanging in there, staying home and away from Covid-19, as my breathing improves, I continue to lose weight, and my hip and mobility get worse. This is pandemic life… there is no way I am going in for elective procedures or surgery right now with things getting more crazy in hospitals everywhere! My garden is mostly doing okay, but there are fewer blooms this year. Figures!
        Hannah is the cutest (and possibly most spoiled) kitten in the universe. She is my constant companion and so sweet as she follows me everywhere I go in the house. Right now she is a big problem for quilting, but thank heavens she lets me knit! She never wakes me up when I’m sleeping, which is huge, and generally is the perfect companion for a person with a chronic disease. So cute she is… the word is endearing. :-)
        I am going to be much better about keeping up with the Reader as I miss too many posts from other people. I hope to be chatting with you more as I am determined to be more responsible.
        Be safe, my friend!

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        • Ah, the Georgia runoffs .. A bloke on Twitter reckons that Warnock has already beaten Loeffler; but nothing so far claimed re Ossof. How anyone could support a face like Perdue’s is amazing to me: he looks like a murderer.
          Hannah sounds absolutely perfect ! – I’m so happy for you ! Boodie wakes me up every night, would you believe ? – he wants to PLAY at around 2 or 3 am. And I can’t shut him out of the bedroom, as there is zero source of air when the door’s closed. Sighh ..
          No, of course you can’t go in to hospital right now !!!

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          • It is looking more and more like Ossof will win and Warnock already has locked down his race. Yay! I was more concerned with the self-serving and possibly criminal behavior of both of the candidates… good riddance!
            Hannah is really active in the wee hours of the morning. It must be a cat thing. She is savaging the indoor garden at the moment, and she just finished playing with the top of the tank on the downstairs toilet. Good thing they purr and are so cute…

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            • Twitter tells me the Democrats have both come home !!!!!!!!!!
              Do you realize, this means you have all three – WH, the House and the Senate ??? Just THINK what Joe can do !!

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              • Are you seeing what is going on in the capitol? My congressman, Jason Crow, was trapped in the House chamber when those treasonous rioters broke into the building. I’m going to email him now with my thoughts about what should happen to the seditious member of Congress who contributed to this outrage, but I think that he is already on board with everything I want.

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                • I am, Marilyn – and I’m almost as outraged as Americans are ! These half-witted cretins have longed all their lives to be part of something like this; and I doubt very much if they actually understand the seriousness of what they do.
                  It’s not only tRump to blame but all the Senate and House Republicans who announced themselves as traitors by doing his bidding.

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                  • Yep. I’m asking Representative Crow and my two senators to 1) refuse to seat those seditious asshats, and 2) impeach Trump again for election interference, abuse of office, and inciting a coup attempt, and 3) remove Trump from office immediately. I’m not on Twitter, but I’m going to try to message them to close Trump’s twitter account.

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  3. I can crochet, but I can’t get my tension right. I think I could safely crotchet an -lined cardigan such as you mentioned by following a pattern for a babies cardigan. They’re often a-lined, and my crochet always turns out at least three times larger than it should. I don’t try to follow patterns at all anymore as they don’t turn out at all. I just crochet squares for blankets for charity. Those garments you posted pictures of look awesome though. Could you crotchet them, make them a little longer, and then stretch the hemline when wet. Lol! Being a short woman with a rather large backside that’s what I do with t-shirts and jumpers anyway. It makes them shorter, and roomier where needed – works a treat!

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    • I’ve seen your photos, CR, and you ain’t a serious A-line – do not try to pull the wool over my eyes (like the relevance of the aphorism ?) !
      You made me laugh, referring to crocheting a baby’s cardigan because your crochet always turns out three times larger: it would need to be an awful big baby for the pattern to work for me .. or it would need to turn out roughly ten times larger than I meant !
      You are an idiot: have I told you that before ? [grin]


  4. I have nothing to add, as I am not skilled enough to contribute a solution. But someone will help, and I admire your work. I am determined this year to do more knitting. I have at least three projects that need attention. You do inspire me!

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    • I find that a pretty surprising concept, my beautiful friend .. :)
      Nevertheless, I am happy to be such – provided you act upon your inspiration !!, she said sternly .. [grin]


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