C’ing AL

You’ll have to put up with the fact that I’m deeply engrossed in this, and will be posting about it whenever I need to ..

Firstly, here is, again, my first (unfinished) version of Rachel’s square:

which was created using a very short size 8mm double-ended hook.

Here is my current (equally unfinished) version:

which is underway using [gasp !] a size 10mm (green) for the pattern rows and a size 9mm (blue) for the reverses. I had made another square using a size 8mm on one end and a size 6.5mm on the other; and when I reached something like row 10 and was still a bridge too far from completion, I realized that I was going to be using far too much yarn. Hence the frogging of that square and re-commencement with the much larger hook sizes.

Here is the designer’s own:

and what is making me rage futilely is that beautifully neat centre – a little star-flower, see it there ? My centre, although I followed the pattern exactly, looks like an old bloke’s underpants.   :(

The rest of mine is .. OK; although my incessant froggings and startings again loosened the twist of the wool. Recall, if you can stomach it, the weird way I hold the yarn: in my right hand and therefore looped around in a direction opposite to that in which the rest of the world loops it. Since about 98% of yarns are what’s called S-twist – left-to-right – my opposite direction gradually UNtwists ’em ! (The other 2% are Z-twist – right to left; and I would like it if all yarns could be bought either one or the other. TFB. Sighh ..)

Oh well. As long as I don’t embarrass la très talentueuse Rachel, I suppose I’m doing OK.

13 thoughts on “C’ing AL

  1. It’s pretty! But how *did* she get that starlike center? Did she go around further before expanding out? (Again, you can tell I’m not a crocheter with this question!)

    I had envisioned a longer cable in the middle of your double ended hook.

    A lot of times, if I I want to start over, I’ll just cut and start with new yarn, hoping I won’t need that last bit. But I do save it , just in case I need it! I currently have a couple of failed Leafy Origami Hat starts in my drawer, waiting to see if I need the yarn for something else. The third hat attempt was a success!

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    • I am hoping for some further input from Rachel on this, Michele ! My guess is that using so big a hook – which I’m doing because my yarn proved to be DK rather than worsted – with so-much-used too thin a yarn has displayed the innards of the star; and it can’t be ‘hidden’ by .. erhmm .. tightness. Heavens, my words are all over the shop !


    • As Arunima had shown us her four colours, I too chose four – not having the faintest idea of how they would be able to be utilized – the white, a very pale pink, that darker pink wot’s shown and nice lightish green that goes well with them.
      Mystery CALs are very challenging in this regard, Debra – having no clue how the colours will align, so to speak ..
      I shall set up a Page for my finished squares ! – there’s a decision made ! :D


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