Still doing that ..

I have finished Rachel’s square.

Don’t bother to complain about the soft focus or the curling up or the lack of blocking. This is going to be frogged, and I’m going to make it again again again. I cannot live with the old man’s undies.

I will not resist the chance to say that my gauge matches Rachel’s to the centimetre ! [smug smile] Here’s hoping I can replicate that; because I’m going to use different wool for the next one ..

14 thoughts on “Still doing that ..

    • It is . Not knitting. Tunisian crochet. :D
      Done with a crochet hook (in the case of a square, done in the round and therefore with a double-ended crochet hook to enable going back and forth).
      It’s basically this, BB: you make a chain; you go back over it picking up the stitches and leaving them all on the hook; at the end you go backwards “uncrocheting” them all by crocheting them until you have just the one; you then go “back” again picking them up and leaving them on the hook.
      Hmm .. Typical M.R. unhelpfulness. Well then:
      “A forward pass is where you pull up loops across your project. All these loops will stay on your hook.
      The return pass is where you work the loops you picked up on the forward pass off your hook.
      You never turn your work in Tunisian crochet, all your stitching is worked on the “right side” of your project.”

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