Hit the Road, Jack

“Truly, this man is a human colostomy bag.”

“…..and that’s when they stole the election from me.”

It has been four very long years. So, now, on the eve of a historic transition, let us pause to savor the ignominious, much-deserved departure of Donald John Trump, a man who had no business being President of the United States (no business in public life full stop, if you ask me), who discharged the job in the worst manner of anyone ever to hold it, and who is now leaving in greater disgrace than any of his predecessors, even that guy from California who had such enthusiasm for tape recording technology.

It will take years of effort and encyclopedia-length volumes to detail all of Trump’s horrors, and I will not attempt a thorough survey here. We know them all too well, so let’s not be masochists and subject ourselves to a review right now. Plenty of time for that.


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15 thoughts on “Hit the Road, Jack

    • I am SO HAPPY for you, dear Michele ! – and for all US citizens (not counting those who can’t count). Good days ahead, providing that there aren’t impossible expectations put on Joe and Kamala. :D


  1. I am so obsessed with his vileness that I read the whole (very long) post. At least an American has said it all for me. My daughter, and son-in-law can now dry some of the tears they shed four years ago and for my tiny granddaughter the DT will be no more than quiz show answer to the question ‘the worst President of the USA’. There are some very tricky years between now and then, but there is hope.

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    • Said with your usual clarity, HCG. And here I am at 0245, cup of tea to the side, laptop in position and hoping the ABC is going to cover the whole inauguration. Boodz is playing around my feet, excited at the unusualness of mid-night awakeness; and I am excited at the prospect of seeing a good man fill a bad man’s space ..


  2. He still has entirely too many people willing to do his bidding, even though he’s technically out of office. I think he can still do a huge amount of damage, but it’s a sure relief we don’t him in the White House. What a nightmare.

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