Back and Forth with The Back Row Manifesto

“the sins and damage of Trump and Trumpism”

As you might imagine, us left-leaning bloggers all hang out, wearing our silk smoking jackets and puffing on pipes while swirling snifters of brandy, discussing Marcuse, and listening toGang of Four. (Secret handshake optional.)

Among that club, one of my very great friends,Tom Hall, writes the trenchant blogThe Back Row Manifesto.Last week in his post “Trauma” (January 19), he called for a public acknowledgment of our shared national trauma, writing:

The battle for how we remember, process, understand, and overcome the trauma of Trumpism will define how we triumph over it. The first and most crucial step in the formalization of post-traumatic collective memory is to invest in transparency and truth.

No truer words.

That call also included a critique of Biden on that point:

Transparency begins with Joe Biden, and yet his calls for unity and the focus on his agenda…

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21 thoughts on “Back and Forth with The Back Row Manifesto

  1. It’s hard to know what to say! Some argue cogently that a moderate like Biden is what the country needs to heal, and others say he’s too wishy-washy to effect any change. Who knows? But, I do think that the Republicans should cross the floor to find Trump guilty of inciting insurrection and remove his trappings etc etc.

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  2. I love to read your thoughts on the mess we Americans find ourselves in, M-R. It’s absolutely beyond the pale. I think we need Biden, frankly. I understand the criticisms, but the divide is so huge, anyone with a more aggressive posture would just be adding fuel to fire. That’s my opinion. I almost have no words for how bad it is. :-(

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    • I entirely agree: had any of the other candidates been the Dems’ winner, they could not possibly have succeeded. It took Biden’s very GOODNESS to win.
      The whole problem is what the GOP has allowed|encouraged itself to become, yes ? – basically, mad. Power-mad. They will do anything at all to regain what they lost; but they insist of doing it their way and bugger every else.
      It’s definitely a worry – a serious one.


  3. The right wingers were too fearful and manic to let any swaying swing voters vote for someone hard line on the opposite side. If Biden can not do anything dramatic, at least he might plug the dyke for a time.

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