No: CALs are not for me

  1. I decided some time ago that motif crochet has lost its appeal. Why didn’t I stick to this ?!
  2. Not having done so and started on the CAL, I  find I prefer JAYG (join as you go) anyway – which can’t apply to making something whereof the rest of the parts are unknown.
  3. Tunisian crochet doesn’t seem to like to be made into ‘squares’ (quote marks because they’re rarely equal all ’round). Well .. perhaps that’s a stupid thing to say: if you’re a tunisian professional you might well be able to start at the bottom and crochet up and it looks great.
  4. I have no need of a blanket; and I don’t have the space to display it (were I able to complete it well enough).
  5. A blogging friend, the professional Dora Does, has written of her gradual separation from an overwhelming need for ‘perfection’ – this I comprehend well as a drive to not make ONE SINGLE MISTAKE, and to frog fiercely (and with rage) when one is found. I am still struggling with overcoming this; and an entire blanket’s creation is not going to help.
  6. It is very expensive in terms of the necessary yarn. Possibly this is, in truth, my main rationale ..    :\

So much for the old man’s underpants. But thanks to the talented Rachel Henri, I now know at least one way of making a square in the round in Tunisian crochet.

11 thoughts on “No: CALs are not for me

  1. I can’t do mystery-alongs; I need to know what the finished product will look like so I can decide if I want to make it! The only mystery-along I’ve ever knit along with was the one I wrote. Which meant that I already knew the outcome; I was just knitting it a second time for the social!

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    • Nor me, I now realize – but then, I have several reasons for being standoffish.
      I do understand well that you, too, are a perfectionist. But when/if you find an error, you instantly remove it, which applies also to errors in patterns (not yours !). In other words, I don’t think an error gets any further than one bloody row past you, Michele ! :D


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