Oh, blogging ..

I’ve been here, I’ve been there.

Tried dabbling in my own deep interests (e.g., US politics up to Joe’s much sought-after and totally vindicating election; or vegetarian recipes).

I’ve tried theming my blog.

Of recent times I’ve so done away with theming that I don’t even have categories or tags.

Some masochists might recall that this time ’round I opened it up in crochet and knitting mode.

Sighh ..

Somewhere I lost my way.

It’s possible that I’ve grown anxious about providing stuff that interests everyone who  visits my blog. (I left out the ‘l’ in that last word; and the resultant sentence caused me to fall about laughing. Possibly my problem is simple-mindedness ?)


There is a porpoise to all this whingeing. And yes, I believe FIRMLY that the word must include an ‘e’; whinging simply doesn’t look right. But .. I shouldn’t need BOTH an ‘e’ and an ‘i’ to soften the ‘g’ .. So perhaps I’ll bit the bullet from now on.

There’s a purpose to my whinging (eeeek !): I’ve decided to revert to some topics, but not many.

    • Knitting and Crochet (the activity I spend most time on)
    • Aging (the various signs of  which are creeping on)
    • My environment (nicely non-specific, covers a shitload)

One thing you will see very little of is gardening, as in days of yore –

because my balcony has proved itself to be a furnace. Last week we had days of around 30-32 degrees from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive: as my balcony is never less than about 12-15 degrees hotter than the BoM says is happening, all the little plants in my standing planter-box were cooked. I watered them when the sun wasn’t around, but it didn’t/couldn’t save them.

I do have – Something ! in mind, though ..


25 thoughts on “Oh, blogging ..

  1. I like popping in regularly to read anything you’ve written, regardless of the topic. It’s nice just knowing you’re there. And you always cheer me up.

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  2. I imagined you’d get a lot of wind up there, and that this would keep the temperature lower than the official temperature.


    • You was wrong. Actually, you was right in one respect: there is indeed a lot of wind on occasion. But during the fierce hot weather the wind is either absent or unfierce.

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  3. Hello fellow bogger. (I did that deliberately) I’ll read whatever you choose to post. And I’ll have you know, I don’t read too many of my original favourites anymore. Something has changed for me about this platform.

    Bog on, my friend.

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  4. What’s wrong with potpourri blogging m’dear? Themes are over-rated and I for one find it easier to respond when the subject matter’s not too specific or arcane.
    Sorry to hear about the balcony furnace ☹️

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  5. M-R it seems to me that you are just staying true to your grumpy whingEing bogging self!
    Everyone gets in a bogging funk, I think and that is saying something from a bog addict such as moir.

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  6. I hope my comment will be taken as entirely genuine, M-R, but most of the time when I follow a blog, and check in, I am really just looking for “how is my blogging friend doing?” I like to know what interests you, even if it’s not a shared interest. I’ve had a blog for more than 10 years now, and I am lucky if I put something up monthly, but I’m just not ready to fade away. You write about whatever is on your mind at any day, and I can guarantee you that we who have been around a while are going to be interested! I’ll also just add that I’m emotionally exhausted after a year of stress and chaos, and sometimes I go to a blog just to check in and hope that others are doing well. I think we’ve all had quite enough “excitement” for a long, long time! LOL! Calm and ordinary-every day activity is quite enough! :-)

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    • Well, hon, you certainly didn’t get excited by anything I posted ! [grin]
      Last year – well .. possibly the less said about it the better, eh ? :D
      Thanks as always for your comments: they’re what keeps a blogger going, after all/


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