Oh, blogging ..

I’ve been here, I’ve been there.

Tried dabbling in my own deep interests (e.g., US politics up to Joe’s much sought-after and totally vindicating election; or vegetarian recipes).

I’ve tried theming my blog.

Of recent times I’ve so done away with theming that I don’t even have categories or tags.

Some masochists might recall that this time ’round I opened it up in crochet and knitting mode.

Sighh ..

Somewhere I lost my way.

It’s possible that I’ve grown anxious about providing stuff that interests everyone who  visits my blog. (I left out the ‘l’ in that last word; and the resultant sentence caused me to fall about laughing. Possibly my problem is simple-mindedness ?)


There is a porpoise to all this whingeing. And yes, I believe FIRMLY that the word must include an ‘e’; whinging simply doesn’t look right. But .. I shouldn’t need BOTH an ‘e’ and an ‘i’ to soften the ‘g’ .. So perhaps I’ll bit the bullet from now on.

There’s a purpose to my whinging (eeeek !): I’ve decided to revert to some topics, but not many.

    • Knitting and Crochet (the activity I spend most time on)
    • Aging (the various signs of  which are creeping on)
    • My environment (nicely non-specific, covers a shitload)

One thing you will see very little of is gardening, as in days of yore –

because my balcony has proved itself to be a furnace. Last week we had days of around 30-32 degrees from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive: as my balcony is never less than about 12-15 degrees hotter than the BoM says is happening, all the little plants in my standing planter-box were cooked. I watered them when the sun wasn’t around, but it didn’t/couldn’t save them.

I do have – Something ! in mind, though ..


33 thoughts on “Oh, blogging ..

  1. I like popping in regularly to read anything you’ve written, regardless of the topic. It’s nice just knowing you’re there. And you always cheer me up.

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  2. I imagined you’d get a lot of wind up there, and that this would keep the temperature lower than the official temperature.


    • You was wrong. Actually, you was right in one respect: there is indeed a lot of wind on occasion. But during the fierce hot weather the wind is either absent or unfierce.

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  3. Hello fellow bogger. (I did that deliberately) I’ll read whatever you choose to post. And I’ll have you know, I don’t read too many of my original favourites anymore. Something has changed for me about this platform.

    Bog on, my friend.

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  4. What’s wrong with potpourri blogging m’dear? Themes are over-rated and I for one find it easier to respond when the subject matter’s not too specific or arcane.
    Sorry to hear about the balcony furnace ☹️

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  5. M-R it seems to me that you are just staying true to your grumpy whingEing bogging self!
    Everyone gets in a bogging funk, I think and that is saying something from a bog addict such as moir.

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  6. I hope my comment will be taken as entirely genuine, M-R, but most of the time when I follow a blog, and check in, I am really just looking for “how is my blogging friend doing?” I like to know what interests you, even if it’s not a shared interest. I’ve had a blog for more than 10 years now, and I am lucky if I put something up monthly, but I’m just not ready to fade away. You write about whatever is on your mind at any day, and I can guarantee you that we who have been around a while are going to be interested! I’ll also just add that I’m emotionally exhausted after a year of stress and chaos, and sometimes I go to a blog just to check in and hope that others are doing well. I think we’ve all had quite enough “excitement” for a long, long time! LOL! Calm and ordinary-every day activity is quite enough! :-)

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    • Well, hon, you certainly didn’t get excited by anything I posted ! [grin]
      Last year – well .. possibly the less said about it the better, eh ? :D
      Thanks as always for your comments: they’re what keeps a blogger going, after all.


  7. So, you need a cactus garden. They are all the rage, and really, there’s some truly beautiful cactus out there. (Sorry I missed this – it was just before we went to Melbourne and I got rather behind with my blog watching.)

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  8. Hi.
    I found my way here via the Twisted Yarn (I’m always curious about who else reads the blogs I read), and thought I’d leave a comment to say “Thank you for making me smile”.
    I’ve been b(l)ogging away quietly to myself for four years now, and have arrived at a very similar distillation of essential (for me, anyway) blog ingredients, i.e. knitting, ageing (also looks better with an ‘e’, as in whingeing, I feel), and one’s environment, which, as you suggest, covers a multitude of subjects!
    I think blog-reading is a bit like strolling along a street at dusk, before the curtains are drawn, and catching little glimpses through the windows as you pass. Sometimes you love the colour scheme, or you wonder who all the trophies belong to, or you smile at the little barking dog behind the glass, but ultimately it’s none of your business how they choose to furnish their home – it’s theirs to do what they like with, and you’re just walking past.
    So blog about whatever you like, whenever you like, and don’t worry too much about us curious passers-by!

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    • Little Dorrit ? – my favourite of them all, Amelia ! You did see the wonderful UK series on the telly, didn’t you ? The best character i it was the WONDERFUL Andy Serkis, imnsho: and now this terrific actor has been ‘relegated’ to being thought of as a green screen specialist. Such a waste !
      You are very nice to take the time to navigate to me and to leave such a thoughtful comment, and I thank you, m’dear ! :D


  9. I tried following a theme, and used to use categories, then switched to tags. Now I use neither, but I may again one day. I used to stress (and still do, but not as much), when I can’t get my formatting right, or photos inserted how I want them, or I realise my blog posts are so random in their content that they couldn’t possibly appeal to any one particular audience. If I start stressing now I try to stop and ask myself why? Invariably the answer comes back to trying to please others. Then I have to remind myself that I’m entitled to write what I want, and how I want, without categories or tags, with bad formatting, and with no consistent theme. I remind myself my writings can be as random as I want, and I pay for that privilege. People can choose to follow along, or not. But they get what they get according to my mood on the day. This serves as my diary, or the bits of my life and thoughts I care to share. It helps me remember sections of my life, and I like that.

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