Not a lot of business sense

MS Outlook is pretty good at finding spam: not a single email bearing an African name gets through [grin].

I rather like the ones that have Subjects like “Hello dear”, or “Wells Frago grant” – spam that can make me laugh is pretty good, I sometimes think.

But one from today takes the cake:

Hmmm .. shall I open it ? – might it have a genuine offer inside ?

13 thoughts on “Not a lot of business sense

    • I do, I do .. I remember well our discussion regarding your alopecia ! [grin]
      At least you get spam you can be scornful of; but quite often mine is about weight loss. And it causes me to wonder who in the spam world knows .. :D

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  1. It’s everywhere! Yuck! I now get Spam from Russia, and fortunately my Spam filter gets most of it, but it unnerves me, because I don’t know WHY I’m getting it, and since I can’t read any of it, I don’t have a clue what it’s about in the first place. Nuisance!

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    • Agreed, Debra ! – if I ever look at what I’m left to delete, I am totally bewildered by it.
      Who would ever read it ??
      Today I had a “Dearest beloved in Jesus” – hope they don’t think that’ll appeal !!! :D


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