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I’ve gone back to knitting ! For a long time my arthritic little and ring fingers on the left hand wouldn’t enable that – not without a lot of angry screaming in pain, anyway. I managed to (sort of) train those fingers straight rather than curled while holding the object being knitted: a modern miracle !

What’s actually new is that I’m knitting a top-down cardigan ! Top down ? – this is something I have eschewed my whole knitting life. No, I don’t recall what ingrained that habit; but ingrained it was and many a top-down object was scornfully passed over. My US friend Michele LOVES top-down – in fact, I think it might be all she knits – and she is so superb a knitter that I eventually decided there must be sumpn’ in that top-down stuff. (My other genius knitter is a Pom; and Phil does the most astounding fair isle/stranded knitting you’ve ever seen !)

This first effort is a test for me: it already contains split yarn (half-knitted-through) in some stitches, and M1Ls where M1Rs ought be. But I don’t care ! – if I can finish it, it will be A Major Achievement !

The body – which after a few plain rows I shall be embarking on – contains “lace”. It’s not really lace, just some patterned YOs, but it will relieve my far-from-expert stocking stitch.

It’s almost exciting !

P.S. Thought I’d better add the pattern photo to prevent anyone else’s thinking my project is a bolero ! PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT the same shape/size of this young lady. I’m taller and not much smaller around the bum; but as I said, she’s apple-shaped and I’m pear-shaped. This means she has big tits and I don’t. Alas.

16 thoughts on “New to me

  1. Top-down, bottom-up, inside-out, whatever! I thought you just knitted!

    Seriously though, two things. First, I’m glad you are able to knit. I remember when my Mum’s arthritis got so bad that knitting and then patchwork became just too difficult. She soldiered on for a long time though, because she loved doing them so. I can see you will do the same as much as you can.
    Second, what a gorgeous colour your top-down project is. You could stop now, and it would be a beaut bolero!
    That’s all from me.

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  2. Oh, glory! That color is magical. And you can try on your top down knitting as you go, to know it will fit. Phil will attest to the number of times I made him try on his Dreyma sweater. You just have to put it on enough needles or waste yarn so your stitches don’t fall off the needles.

    Have fun!

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    • I’m shortly about to do that, Michele, seeing as how I’m not only up and wide awake but also fully dressed. :D
      Not sure that the colour is true, but at least it’s not far off.
      This is a plus-size pattern, wherein the model is apple-shaped whereas I am definitely pear-shaped. So it might not be an ideal garment ..


    • Oh ! – forgot to say that the lovely little stitch markers you sent me have come into real good use ! Never having used s.m.s before, am I correct in thinking that the little bead is to mark whether one has the marker behind or in front of the stitch ? That’s how I use them, anyway; and it works for me !! :)


  3. I love the color, M-R. I miss knitting. I haven’t completed anything in a very long time, but I have some baby sweaters I’d like to finish. I don’t have any babies around these days, but I’d gladly donate them. I just always found the patterns fun to complete. You’re inspiring me to get started. :-)

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    • The colour seems universally popular – and I’m using it because I had four balls of it, the only DK weight iin my small stash. :D Were I to run out, it’s just a Stylecraft; so I can always get more.
      I’d better add the pattern picture ..
      Thanks, Su ! :)

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