Does anyone know this ..?

Take a quick gink at the opening of the YouTube video here, and you’ll possibly realize that the pattern would appeal madly to moi !   :D

You’ll also comprehend without doubt that it brings with it a problem I’m unable to solve; and it occurred to me that there just might be someone out there who knows of a potential solution – because I know some of you are geeks !

How to get a translation – subtitles would be fine, of course – in English from this amazingly talented Mexican lady’s YouTube video ?

There are closed captions there, but they’re in Spanish, presumably for deaf people. Unlike some sites, the captions are offered only in the language of the channel.   :(

Not only is this delightful A-shaped cardi pattern in her gallery, but a number of other patterns that would give me pleasure to make. So I’m desperate to find some kind of solution ..

P.S. My wonderful, clever friend the Goanna has the answer that requires no effort at all from me ! (Sue also has the geek answer, below; but it means I must pull the ancient finger out and WORK !)

I go to the video, turn captions ON and go to settings, then to Subtitles/CC;

then to Spanish (auto-generated) and THEN to Auto-translate. At which point practically every world language drops down and I have only to select English !

Of course it’s “translated” English; but that is defintely sufficient for my porpoises !

A big fat THANK-YOU to both ladies. I’m perfectly sure Sue’s solution works; but I can mess up anything ..

5 thoughts on “Does anyone know this ..?

  1. Well, if you have a smart phone, download Google Translate, then choose Spanish to English, and then, Conversation. Hold the phone next to your speaker and it will translate into text on the phone screen what she is saying.

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