Oh, those posts in Spanish ..

I had NO IDEA there were so many clever crocheting women whose language is Spanish and who post enviable patterns to their YouTube channels. It started with that gorgeous pattern I last posted; and then Google started feeding me Spanish posts until I was bloody overwhelmed !

I commenced to become distressed by it all – so many glorious patterns, no way of accessing them (the English ‘translations’ are garbage thrown from the Tower of Babel).

Then, just TODAY !, I found this link. You may pray for me, all you believers; for I do not myself indulge in such activity.  [grin]

This’d be fine in a decent colour.

Now HERE’s a claret-coloured bolero ! :)

Don’t think I’d go to Machu Picchu ..

I’ve asked if s/he will translate this one. I’d give my wisdom teeth to have a usable pattern.

3 thoughts on “Oh, those posts in Spanish ..

  1. I think there’s probably nothing that can’t be found on YouTube. I am constantly amazed! I think this site might be just what you’re looking for, M-R, and I wish you well. :-)

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  2. Thank-you, my beautiful and talented friend ! I have negotiated with her/him (I still don’t know, but feel it to be a woman) to knock the price down per unit if I provide three patterns, and have now done so.
    Fingers crossed for a totally comprehensible result, then. :D


  3. Well done M-R!

    Love a bolero. That’s my favourite of the pics above. And I quite like the machu pichu one in a different colour, though I don’t know what the front is. Open or closed, I wonder?


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