Oh gawd – here I go again ..

Can you believe it ? – I’ve become a WW member !   :)

I decided it’s never too late to lose weight. I also decided to confess this latest .. ehrmm .. occupation to anyone out there reading this so as to put myself in a potentially embarrassing position should I weaken. Meaning, you must scoff at me the moment I start (if I do) to indicate weakening !

No-one is allowed to call it WeightWatchers now: it’s myWW – much as Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC ! [grin]

It’s good. Really ! They’ve made it a sort of semi-holistic approach, now: four pillars, they describe it as – food, activity, sleep, mindset. Not too sure about the heading for the final one, because that word really covers everything .. but it’s better than ‘mindfulness’ – a word I detest. As it’s the only pillar that needs any kind of explanation, I can tell you that meditation definitely is part of it, but it’s largely to do with thinking through what one’s doing, why, and how well or badly one is doing it.

I went to the opening night of my group workshop on Monday night, and enjoyed it. I removed as much of my clothes as I could without becoming embarrassing, and was weighed in at 102.1kg. Chuffed, I was; had  been 104kg fairly recently. My type of membership is what they call ‘digital & workshop’; the other choices are digital alone, or personal 1-on-1 handling !!! I’d do that willingly, but it costs too much. I was able to sign up for 6 months because they had a 60% offer going for that commitment; and I pray to every god mankind has dreamed up that I don’t fail.

More of this boring shit another time. You’ve been warned ..



8 thoughts on “Oh gawd – here I go again ..

  1. I’m cheering you on, M-R. I’m so glad you’re finding it a positive experience. It’s a good program and it works. It’s also very forgiving. We can’t be perfect, so when we have a day or a week when we don’t stick to the plan, you just dust yourself off and get back to it! :-)

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    • We have a pair of terrific women ‘leading’ us, Deb, and my general outlook is very positivie.
      On anther tack, I had my first Astra Zeneca shot yesterday, and have a bloody headache. I do not wish to have it for a few days: I wish it to be gone by tomorrow morning.
      How’re you guys doing with all that ?


    • I couldn’t function in this environment without it, Michele ..
      Again, on another tack: I was wondering the other day why you didn’t choose PDXKnitterata ..?


  2. Now, let’s see if I can post a comment this time. I tried multiple times from my iPad and kept getting “Sorry this comment could not be posted”. Why? No idea.

    Anyhow, I’m thrilled you followed up Weight Watchers and that you think it looks good. I know one person for whom it was a life-changer. I for one won’t be bored by following your “MyWW” journey, so fire away.

    I’m also pleased to hear you have had your AstraZeneca shot. I have too. I’m not 70 yet, but Mr Gums is and I was able to get in on his coat-tails!

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    • O thou mystery woman – I dunno either. But nothing about computers surprises me.
      This, all being down to you, may have to be a publication entitled summat along the lines of
      “The ST Recommendation: How I Followed It and Lost [xxx] kgs”


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