I did warn you ..

So I’m somewhere around 98kg. Dunno exactly where owing to my not having gone to the last meeting and not having scales in which I have turtle confidence.

That’s it. What I haven’t got in my scales.

Thus, uncertain of the precise degree of my success, I present meself for loud congratulatory pæans of congrats ..

(Just in case ..)

I’ve always been told and accepted that the best rate of weight loss is  ½kg a week, or 2kg per month. Though I’ve bettered that, there really isn’t a “better”: I will most certainly not progress at a continued rate of 6kg a month (unfortunately) ! As an example, in one week I lost only 200g ..

The four pillars stuff is beyond me. I don’t exercise, owing to a dicky lower back, and I sure ain’t gonna start now. Besides, I’m all too aware that exercise actually has zero effect on weight loss: it merely keeps one fit, and ready to rock’n’roll with losing weight via other means.

And I’m  a lost cause with the mindfulness or whatever it is pillar: my habits (most of ’em vile) are so ingrained that to even contemplate change regarding any one of them causes more wrinkles to pop out all over .. Well, I suppose that might be the ancient skin giving up when all that blubber starts to drip slowly away .. But more seriously, I don’t know that any of my habits – which are not numerous – warrant attention. Other than the one that encompasses sitting in my recliner chair crocheting, that is ..

But with the sleep one and the eating one I’m good.

I emailed one of the group’s two overladies to point all this out (using different terminology) and to ask whether I should go on attending as I’m a bit of a cheat; but she didn’t reply. Hmmm. Possibly they would both be happier without my rather raucous presence ..

22 thoughts on “I did warn you ..

  1. Oh M-R, don’t give up going! This is when you knuckle down and keep on going isn’t it? And woohoo, under 100kg. You go!

    BTW I didn’t think I could meditate – and I don’t really – but yoga has taught me to be able to “sort of” meditate. I NEVER thought my Type-A husband could, but he got a mindfulness app at a doctor’s recommendation and found it good.

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  2. I am sending you a big congratulations! Good for you! I attended a meeting today via Zoom, of course, and our coach was talking a lot today about how the four pillars are there for everyone who wants them, and for those with success without them, great! No guilt! You’re doing so well, I would just continue repeating your process! :-)

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    • Hello, gorgeous ! – I believe I shall. :)
      How is the Covid situation generally, up there ? Of course in your west coast area, but in the good ol’ all over ?


  3. The only Four Pillars I know is gin…

    You’ve cracked the 100! Keep going, you know you’ll be rewarded.

    And I echo the observation not to drop everything because of one lack of response. We never really know the reasons people don’t respond immediately. Give her another chance and you’ll be giving yourself another chance too.

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    • Hev !!!!!!!!!! – have you managed to forgive me, then ? I do hope so, I truly do.
      I jut got on my own scales and found them telling me 97.7; and the Metamucil hasn’t come good yet. Oh lord – does this mean I must take MORE ? :\
      I shall go this-evening and see if Angela has time to let me know what gives; and after that I’ll behave accordingly.
      Your health trials: they are distressing ..

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      • Forgiven you for what? Ah. I think this may be another case of assuming why someone hasn’t made contact. Don’t worry. Not you, all me.

        Weight loss is never a straight line going down. It’s going to get wiggly with dips up and down but as long as the general long term trajectory is downwards you’re on the right track. Going to the meeting and getring some advice is a good thing to do.

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