Every WIP is giving me the pip!

I have a battery of photos to post, because unless I do you will not understand how very blameworthy I am. And as a particularly horrible former brother-in-law was wont to say (frequently), “Blame must be allocated !”.

I have just today reached an impasse with my third project: I’ve run out of yarn for it, and for the second time ! Having written that, I shall start from now and work backwards ..

But first, an image of all three FAR from complete WIPs:

And this should give you the beginnings of comprehension of my guilt !

Right. The project I had to stop crocheting today is this one:

The image is not that supplied by the designer, but by an enthusiastic maker of her pattern. I like it because it was her very first crocheted garment !

And here’s where I had to leave mine:

No collar, no sleeves and no cuffs. Well, OF COURSE there aren’t any cuffs on account of there being no sleeves !!    [sighh ..]   I’ve ordered more yarn, and have zero idea of what Australia Post is doing with mail.

The middle project was another pattern by the same designer, although (and you’ll simply have to take my word for this) I had no idea when I abandoned this and took up the one above that such was the case ! She’s a clever woman, alright.

Here’s the pattern:

Yesyes, I’ve never been as large as that, but I figured it ought to give me enough around the arse. Unhappily, I was working to measurements I took of meself before I went on myWW; and now my (_|_) is some inches less around. As I cast on for the biggest size, it’s a turtle waste of time continuing; for it will turn into one of those huge heavy things that does nothing so much as weigh me down. So I’m going to have to frog everything I’ve crocheted so far, and the thought is extremely painful, to put it mildly ..

 And now to the oldest one – which is by far the silliest thing I’ve done in a long time.

I used this shrug’s pattern in the most basic way – simply casting on the number of stitches and starting to make a rectangle, in a stitch I’ve been dying to use ..

NOT this one, and not in this colourway !


I omitted to note that her measurement of the vertical was with the rectangle folded over !!! Which is to say, it should be twice as wide.

So I simply can’t decide which of no.s 2 or 3 I should frog first.

Or maybe I’ll just open a vein ..

12 thoughts on “Every WIP is giving me the pip!

  1. You’ve lost me with your craft project lingo, though I do know WIP. The only frog I know goes ribbit, ribbit.

    However, I did like the pretty pictures, and I do understand your point about the heavy jacket.

    Good luck.

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  2. You know, it comes as a surprise to me that I’m using craft lingo ! – it must be like in-depth writing about intellectual things. [grin]


    • You made me laugh out loud, Michele !! [grin]
      I can well understand your crankiness when having to frog; for your beautiful knitting should never be subject to being destroyed. Having said which, I can acknowledge that the achievement of its beauty must, every so often, require some correction ..


  3. I am notorious for having multiple WIPs and I get discouraged and don’t return to them! A very bad habit! I love the patterns you’re working on and hope you will indeed persevere and see them to completion. This would be a case of “do as I say, not as I do!” I am so happy to hear that the “too large” cardigan is no longer an option for you. Good for you, M-R. Keep it up!

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  4. Yes, this time I mean to really change my attitude to eating, beautiful Debra. At some point Im going to have to buy new jeans, etc.; and I refuse to spend money on clothes for short-term use only ! :)


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