Morphing the blue

Gritted my teeth, girded my loins, took the plunge, and ..

That’s the left front – with slit for pocket – of this cardi:

I decided not to proceed with the original pattern, as that model is far, far removed from my body shape (which is changing, anyway). There are certain practicalities that do not hit me between the eyes, and that was one of ’em.

6 thoughts on “Morphing the blue

  1. I love the shade of blue, M-R. I think it’s impressive that you can change the pattern and still make a go of it. My few attempts to be “original” have not ended well! :-)

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    • Me too, Deb. For some reason I haven’t gravitated towards blues – any of them. This is something like a dark(ish) sky blue – maybe I mean “solid” rather than “dark” ..
      You have no idea how much time I’ve spent going through cardigan crochet patterns on YouTube. To my extreme irritation I couldn’t find this oone, even though I knew its name. Eventually I realized: not YouTube, it was on Ravelry ! First time I’ve come across that ..

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  2. I missed this – and probably a few others though I try very hard not to!

    I am not a blue person either M-R. I have some jeans, and the occasional other blue item but while I love it on others it just doesn’t thrill me.

    Your crocheting is beautiful though!

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