With friends like me ..   :(

Take a look at this super pattern, willya ? It’s created by one of my most admired crochet designers – if not THE most admired.


She’s a genuine designer, too – you’ll find mostly garments, but also some fun stuff. Perhaps even more importantly, she has gradually provided a huge and comprehensive database (you might call it) of crochet help. Her .. what ? – mission statement, maybe, is upfront under the heading “Doralosophy”; and it’s well worth a read.

So what do I mean by my heading ..?

Simply this:

This is Dora herself, the pretty creature, modelling one of her huge designer range – and it’s also my friend Michelle ..

Why in the name of all the gods have I been farting around online looking for patterns to crochet that can be adjusted for size ??????

This delightful shrug was always there – has been there, I mean, since 2018 !!

And not only that, it’s BLUE DK YARN, of which I have a plethora – for the stripes I shall use something very different, but just as nice.   :)

I’m a total klutz. Sighh ..

10 thoughts on “With friends like me ..   :(

  1. The same kind of thing goes on Downunder (re the pandemic) all the bloody time ! The populace is confused, just as you guys must be ..


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