I HAD hoped, but ..   :\

Of course I had ! – although none of you will believe that, given my track record ..

This lovely little apartment (I originally typed “apratment”, and have decided that there really should be a use for that new word) has brought me much joy and pleasure. I’ve never had a view like this, just for starters ..

But what’s happened


is that the osteoarthritis in my hands (that made itself felt fairly slowly and then decided that things were lacking in pace) has made living here quite difficult. In fact, a bit of a challenge ..  The french doors and their blinds, the hand-held shower, the garbage chute at the end of the corridor – these are the most difficult to operate, and I know more things will add themselves to this shortish list.

I need to be not in a high-rise apartment. It has been a wonderful ride that I’ve enjoyed absolutely, with WONDERFUL neighbours in the two nearest apartments: Joan brings me samples of delicious things she’s just finished cooking, and Jules&Greg gave me a divinely-scented little pot candle for my recent birthday .. I am extremely reluctant to leave them. Extremely !

However, the place I’m thinking of moving to could well mean that I can invite them down for a meal, and that would be huge fun !

I shall NOT be breaking my lease ! – amazing !! My super Property Manager, the wonderfully-named Cobie, has ensured that my landlord understands what’s going down, and I need only give a fortnight’s notice ! I’m not sure why it is that it took till I was in my late 70s before finding a Property Manager who is efficient and nice; but Cobie is most definitely both.

I shall post more on the move I’m hoping for, depending upon how it goes. On whether or not I get this pertickler place, I mean.   :)

12 thoughts on “I HAD hoped, but ..   :\

  1. MR wtf is going on and where are you off to?
    I’m stressing out moving but you seem to do it
    Frequently – I do hope this is the. ONE
    Let me know with photos etc address
    Good onya xxx

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    • My beloved Goanna, do not stress on my behalf for one second, I pray ! – you have enough to do recuperating. I have spoken. [grin]


  2. I’m saying NOTHING.

    But, I look forward to hearing about the next move. Like Jo I wish I could move with such gay abandon as you seem to be able to! And, I am sorry about your osteoarthritis. My dear mum suffered so badly from it in hands and feet, in particular.

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  3. Just as well (the saying nothing, I mean) ! [grin]
    I too am getting it in me toes, Sue – left foot at least. And my left hand is MUCH worse than my right. I wonder what that left business is all about ?
    I suspect there will be more: at the moment there are two towns on opposite sides of the greater Melbourne area ..


  4. It sounds as if you are taking this all in stride – which, I suppose is just as well – no point kicking and fussing about it, after all. But man, it breaks my heart that you need to
    A. relocate and
    2. leave behind that marvelous view

    Best wishe!

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    • It’s so UN-new to me, Maggie – I s’pose that’s why it all seems just part of .. things. :\
      Relocating is my middle name: I’m Margaret-Rose Relocating Stringer.
      Chic would be groaning and shaking his head – much as everyone’s doing.

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  5. Oh, the view! And the nice neighbors! But I admire your pluck. I haven’t moved since 1995. We thought about it a few years ago, but the right place didn’t come up for us. Well, I found the right place, but it was way too much $$$. So here we are, hoping the cats don’t kill us on the steep stairs.

    Good luck with your move!

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    • Steep stairs won’t cut it in the long run, Michele – but then, it is so very long a time until then ! :D
      I intend to host the nice neighbours when departed – something I can’t really do here.
      The view .. yes. :\


  6. A nasty pattern, eh ? – sounds like a couple of knitting items I’ve tried long ago.
    I cannot knit, as I do that in the normal way.
    However, my crochet methodology is so weird that my left hand is occupied only with loosely holding some part of the .. ahh .. emerging thing. As that’s the real centre of pain, the left hand, I can do it with only the occasional angry yowl. Simple ! :D


  7. Sorry to hear about your need to move (as well as the reasons why), but hoping you get the best place you could ever wish for. xx

    P.S. I hope Cobie reads this, too!

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  8. I cannot provide Cobie with my blog address, Patrick – she would be certain then that she had a truly mad person for a tenant ! :D
    I’m looking at my twisting fingers – both hands, although the right doesn’t pain me badly – and wondering how many times the spiral will turn, in the end ,,
    Just kidding, of course.
    My mother gave me arthritis. And shapeless ankles. i MEAN ..!


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