I’ve decided: yous can share the pain !

Yes: yous can help by suffering, OK ? I shall think my way through the kind of endless permutations involved in finding another place to move to, and comments will be expected— will be demanded !

  1. How many bedrooms ?
    One will be cheaper, and quicker to clean.
    Two will enable removalists to put stuff in the 2nd so that it’s easier to unpack; and visitors will be able to sleep there later rather than on a divan bed in the living-room and having to listen to Boodie scrabbling in his kitty-litter in the wee smalls.
  2. Garden or not ?
    I think I’m getting past it. Whilst (with the constant help of my old friend S) I made a terrific showing of the garden in MACS, filling it with natives, I fear I have lost that first faint careless rapture .. But you never know, I s’pose.
  3. Multi-storey building ? – only if there’s a lift. Quod scripsi scripsi.
  4. So much for the unit. Environs ? – have to be Boodie-suitable. No inner suburbs unless the unit’s at the rear and there are interior tree-ed areas for him to explore without being near roads.
  5. Shopping ? – must have at least a milkbar within screaming distance, I’m told. Although it is to be noted that I shall continue having Coles deliveries (delivery fees as low as $2 make Coles my go-to supplier, even though I prefer the range at Woolies @ $13 the lowest delivery !) which, when kept abreast of, do away with the need for ANY nearby shop.
  6. Public transport ? – vital. There has to be a bus-stop within half a k, so that I shall be in the happy position of getting Coles to deliver and a bus to Woolies. :)

Those are the points that are set in stone. If there are any I’ve forgotten, please remind me: this is an exhausting business, and I am already out of patience with it all ..

20 thoughts on “I’ve decided: yous can share the pain !

  1. I don’t see any points relating specifically to what you MUST have (and/or what you must NOT have) re the arthritis?

    I think giving up the garden idea is a must if the arthritis is going to develop. I’m just remembering my poor old lovely mum.

    I prefer Coles! (Their meat is great, and Woolies doesn’t do Black Swan hummus which is my go-to hummus and what I have for breakfast every day.)

    Good luck!

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  2. Two bedrooms. It’s always nice to have a guest room or studio/office to corral your yarn.

    No garden. No responsibility. Have some houseplants, if you must. We still have a big yard, and I pay someone to mow and blow. I don’t have time/inclination; I’d rather be knitting/reading/hanging out with my cats.

    Definitely a lift, if multi-story!

    Does Boodz currently go outside? Just on the deck/patio? An indoor kitty lives longer than an outdoor kitty; no cars!

    good luck with your search!

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    • I would normally agree with you instantly re 2 brs, Michele, were it not for the fact that all the rents have just skyrocketed on account of Covid-19 which is busting out again in both Sydney and Melbourne. What was available for $265 a fortnight ago is now demanding $290 or, more likely, $300 !!
      I forgot to add about the Boodz: here ‘outside’ is just the balcony, but I LONG to be somewhere where he can go out out (as Micky Flanagan tells it).


  3. Regarding one vs two bedrooms – how often do you have guests? I kept a spare room for guests in most of my homes and rarely was it every occupied. Will the extra monthly rent be worth it to keep a room that no one uses? Also, sure, a spare will keep boxes out of the way, but if you need motivation to unpack…

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    • I refer you, dear Margaret (who is unlucky enough not to have another name hanging off that), to the above response to Michele. In other words, you’re damned right, me old china ! Sighh ..

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  4. I am also thinking about moving and wondering what exactly I need. It is just exhausting, isn’t it. I would argue for 2 bedrooms so that you have a room to trash with all the crafting stuff and an overflow area for books and other essentials of life. People can occasionally sleep there, but most of the time you can have your own life in that room too. I actually made an indoor garden with pine shelving and grow lights in my spare bedroom so anyone who sleeps over will have to share with the orchids. Ha! Make sure there is a lift if there is more than one story… my struggles with stairs is what’s making me consider moving right now.

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    • Now that’s new, Marilyn – and here was I thinking your spare room was for the Queen of the House to stick her nose into occasionally ! [grin] Little did I realize that you, being as creative as you are, would’ve turned it into an orchid nursery .. well done you !
      Stairs are GHASTLY, aren’t they ? – to be avoided at all costs, especially by people who do not need that additional risk ..

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      • Stairs are a big problem now. I’ve actually considered installing a little kitchen in the spare bedroom to cut down the number of trips I made on the stairs. All I need is a little fridge, microwave, coffee pot and a few staples. I mostly live on yogurt and soup anyway. :-) I transport items down the stairs in laundry baskets too; lots of stuff, one trip, and I just move it from step to step instead of carrying.
        I highly recommend an orchid nursery. :-) I have some African violets in there too, and when they are blooming it is good for my soul.

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  5. [frowning quizzically and scratching her head] Okay, having just read this and gone back to check the date of a month-old communique, I’m confused. I thought you’d already moved. I’ve been waiting for rapturous reports on the wonders of Rosedale. 🤔

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  6. Nono, me little skinny mate ! – I’m still here in Maribyrnong, now totally cynical about all agents and all their bloody lying ads.
    Off down to Werribee on Saturday to view a place but: nice and big, 2 bedrooms and stuff. Lots of lawn for Boodie to rush about on, and a bus within spitting distance that takes me directly to the Werribee shopping centre around the station – incluidng Woolies !

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