Doo-wop !!

I’d forgotten the word – and those of you saying “I’d forget it too, if I were you ..” have no memory of how good it was.

It was my favourite music in the late ’50s. Come to think of it, it was possibly the only music on the hit parades.

And the song that’d been niggling in the back of my mind for days, working its way up my consciousness until it was all there and I could sing it, was this one ..

Just a musical note .. [grin]

18 thoughts on “Doo-wop !!

    • Never heard the Beach Boys’ version ! – I didn’t even know they’d done one ! :D
      This is the one I grew up with. LOVED it. And again, now that I’ve found it,

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  1. Sighh .. Just as well I like you, you horrible young woman ! [grin]
    Oh, there was SO MUCH terrific stuff on the hit parades in the ’50s .. Of course, there was Elvis, as well; but even though I was a mad Elvis fan, I always listened to all the hits and found many, many I loved.
    Another favourite group was Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (, although they ‘matured’ a bit later than the Del-Vikings ..


  2. The music I first go to for my dose of nostalgia is more 60’s, but my husband’s era is the musical 50’s and we regularly listen to it all! I know this song well, and do agree with you that “doo-wop” is good for putting a smile on the face and putting dancing feet into motion! This was a very fun share, M-R!

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    • I’m so happy there are some out there who actually remember ‘my’ music, beautiful Debra ! I put a ’60s number in my reply to Michele – see if it’s familiar to you. :)

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  3. And, thinking about it, reminded me that when our daughter was doing a year’s exchange in Virginia over 2007-8, we visited her, and she booked us into a Temptations concert – My Girl, The Way You Do the Things You Do. That was a great concert – and it was so special that she, looking for things we might like, suggested it. She loves good singing, so she enjoyed it too.

    BTW the 1960s was more my era as I hit my teens then, but I loved a lot of 50s music too. They were the times, says she objectively!

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