M-R’s mid-20th century Hit Parade !

Some have actual performances but by no means all: I’ve gone for the original sounds, which means a lot of images of discs ..

Some are classics now, and some just hit parade material of the times.

But these ten musical items are ten pearls on my long, long necklace ..

Border Song – Elton John

Chain Reaction – John Farnham

Goodbye Stranger – Supertramp

How deep is your Love – The Bee Gees

If you leave me now – Chicago

I shall be Released – The Band

Let me Serenade you – Three Dog Night

Love the one you’re with – Crosby, Stills & Nash

Ordinary Pain – Stevie Wonder

Spinning Wheel – Blood, Sweat & Tears

Take me to the Pilot – Elton John

Venus – Shocking Blue

11 thoughts on “M-R’s mid-20th century Hit Parade !

    • Dear Reading (or Ms Cookbooks) ! :)
      Your comment makes me very happy, because it means another person Out There who remembers these times and this music.
      Thank-you very much for taking the time – I appreciate it.


  1. Ah thank you M-R, a great selection and the Bee Gees will do it for me every time! After decades of classical music (singing and harp) I’m being thoroughly and delightfully corrupted,learning to play acoustic/electric/bass guitar at this age – and a whole new world of rock/jazz/grunge is opening up and it’s so much fun! I actually purchased the soundtrack of Get Shorty that you once recommended so thank you!

    I’d say the recliner is better value than a new television these days!

    Good luck with the house move – I’ve done a bit of that in my time! (Moving into a one bedroom is tough with the packing/unpacking – been there, done that – any chance of a two bedder?) Cheers mate!

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    • Were I to post 20 hit parades, I think there’d be a Bee Gees number in it, Sue ! :)
      BASS ! – I believe it was Paul McCartney who said the bass is the key to a group’s performance. Keep practising then, and you may end up in a group. Huge fun ! (It was my unrealised dream to be a backing singer ..)
      Not a lot of chance of 2 brs, owing to the cost factor. They exist of course, but the only ones I could afford I wouldn’t dream of living in. Sighh ..


  2. Well good luck on that move M-R – is it going to happen soon? These are such crazy times! I’m happy to retreat into music these days. I’ll be looking forward to hearing where you end up and hope it works out brilliantly for you!

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    • I thought of you a few hours ago, Sue, as I finally came across a 2-bedroom flat I can afford, and which is directly across the road from a Woolworths Metro: consider that over the past couple of months as I’ve looked at flats in the general area, I’ve always used the Google Direction button to see if I can get to this very shop !!


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