Oh gawd, AT LAST !!!

I’ve signed the lease and paid a month’s rent, so there ain’t no backing out of it – I have a place to move to !

Doesn’t that remind you of some of the places you rented when you were young ? – it does me.   :)

It’s a 2-bedroom flat (you can’t see it ‘cos it’s ’round the back, ground floor) in Orrong Road, St Kilda East. I suppose I’ll get used to calling it that, although it’s going to be hard since it was known as East St Kilda during all the years I lived in Melbourne, back in my palmy days ..

And it’s only $280 a week ! – that’s $5 less a week than I’m currently paying – not too smelly, eh ? It even has a free-standing shower and taps for my washing-machine ! But for me, one of the very best aspects – there are two ! – is that my new Property Manager is a doll. I expect I’ll enjoy interacting with her as much as I have the wonderful Cobie, over nearly a year.

The other one is best represented by this map:

See, when I was looking in this area – which meant suburbs like Armadale and Carnegie and Caulfield, etc., etc. – one of the first things I’d do is enter the flat building’s address into Google maps and then use the ‘Direction’ facility to find out if I could get to the Woolworths Metro that’s the biggest Woolies symbol up there. AND ! – my next flat building is, like, across the road from it !!!

You may wonder at my extreme enthusiasm; but unless you are someone without a car, you can’t possibly understand what it’ll mean to me to be able to walk over the road to shop for my dinner every day.

That line there was a pause while I contemplated how totally excellent it’s going to be. I can scarcely take it in !

Anyway. There it is. I’ll be moving on 29th September, until which day I shall dream of Woolies Metro shopping ..

22 thoughts on “Oh gawd, AT LAST !!!

  1. Walking across the road to shop for your dinner sounds pretty amazing to me. And I’m very happy for an amenable property manager. Excellent news.
    Now, if we could just get out of lockdown I could come and see it. 😏 (Especially now I am, as of yesterday, fully AZ’d. 😁)

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    • These comments are as welcome as the flowers in spring, dear H !!! – except that they remind me how long we’re going to be immured .. some respite towards the end of the month ? – and possibly more in October ? Sighh .. I’m so gad you’re fully vaxxed, especially under your unique circumstances !

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    • That will be a wonderful future, dear Maggie.
      However, an equally nice alternative will be to have Reiner happy to get those necessities for you, walking distance or not ! :)
      Hmm .. but I look into my crystal ball and see the pair of you continuing on in sound physical condition ..
      Can’t see you making any move ! [grin]


  2. Congratulations!! I am so glad that you found something that works for you. I’ve been looking for places too as I wasn’t sure how much longer I could manage on my own and it is getting harder to take care of the yard. Change is good, but so stressful. Enjoy your shopping!!

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  3. St Kilda, one of my favourite places! I used to stay with friends in a share house in Loch Street, West St Kilda – at that time Fawlty Towers was a hit, and as the locks of the house didn’t work they named the house Fawlty Lochs! I have happy memories of East St Kilda too. Good luck M-R it sounds like a good move – and a 2 bedder!

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    • Yep, just to prove that I don’t know what I’m talking about, Sue. [grin]
      It’s not a special flat, but it’s bright and clean and it’s special to me .. and I’m SO looking forward to it ! I need rooms rather than open plan; because here I can’t use the laptop in the afternoons unless I take it into the bedroom – and that’s not nearly as comfortable as sitting out in the living-room in my big recliner.


      • Does it have a balcony M-R, or are there grounds/park nearby where you can sit outside easily if you want to? No stairs/lifts is an advantage – I’m finding stairs a problem here now. Also too much garden to look after, but covid is making moving very difficult.

        Bright and clean sounds good to me – you can make it special with your own things in time M-R! Across the road from Woollies is a definite plus! Look forward to hearing more about it all after you move!

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  4. This sounds like a wonderful new home, M-R. I am so pleased for you. There are so many advantages to being in an area where you can walk to amenities. It’s good for you physically, but I also think we have learned these past 18 months or so of confinement and few social interactions that we may even benefit from a walk where we simply see one another. I feel more apt to say hello to strangers I pass on the street than ever before. I think you’re going to flourish in your new environment and now, just like a kid waiting for Christmas, you’re on the September countdown! :-)

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    • Oh, you are indeed a delightful woman, Debra ! :) Your views are never-failingly positive and enjoyable; and what can be better to read ?!, she asked rhetorically,
      XOXO !!!


  5. I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I visited your blog … I kept checking for news (and I do subscribe by email but I get about 100 emails a day and do miss many) and thought I had just a few days ago. Just shows how fast time flies in lockdown!

    Im thrilled for you. Is it a nice sunny flat? But that location sounds fantastic, and being at the back of the building you presumably won’t get the noise of traffic going shopping!! I look forward to pics!

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    • I won’t know till I see it, Sue – 48 hours before I move in. :\
      The photos of the rooms look nice, that’s really all I can say. C-19 has rendered life so difficult ..
      Just been sending detailed stuff to the packers/movers and the eol cleaners: am filled with trepidation.


  6. I can most definitely relate to your delight at moving within close proximity of shops. The longest I’ve ever lived in one place is 13 years, and I think that was due to the fabulous shops only 5 minutes walk from home. I loved it.

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    • I have not only the Woolies Metro across the road, Chris, but in the same block a chemist and THE LOCAL POST OFFICE !! In Maribyrnong I had to catch an infrequent bus to Highpoint and then walk for more than ten minutes. I am definitely a happy large person ! :)


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