SUCH an exciting day .. like, not !

On Wednesday my blood  pressure decided it was bored with being almost perfect, and took a dive. I was in the local laundromat at the time, and saved by three total strangers who came together to demonstrate that good samaritans still abound – and how !   :)

In spite of the enormous pressure on ambulance drivers because of people’s needing to be carted off to hospital with Covid-19, one turned up for me, took me on board and proceeded to force it (the blood pressure) back up over 100 – the systolic, that is ! – so that I could be taken to a hospital other than The Alfred; for The Alfred is currently so chaotic that the ambos knew they’d be there with me till night-time and it was only around 2pm ! They had a bit of a struggle: at one point I gave a very loud yell of pain, accompanied by a naughty word (wot, moi ?) because at the same moment as my b.p. dropped below 80 the machine cut in, and attempted to sever my arm in its effort to get a reading ! Anyway, the drip was effective and the systolic was got up to 104 and they were allowed to take me to Cabrini, a wonderful private hospital !

And there I remained for the rest of the day and some of the night, being looked after brilliantly as well as being eventually attended by the most delectable young doctor, a total sweetheart who appeared to comprehend everything I said. Amazing. [grin]

When blood tests and an X-ray all came in OK, he arranged for me to be given an echo (ultrasound) next week rather than waiting for yet another three weeks for the appointment I’d made two months back with a cardio up in St Albans – when still living in Maribyrnong – and set me up for a consultation with the cardio there at Cabrini the day after ! YAAAAay !! – I had been dreading having to traipse all the way up to St Albans.

Not sure of the reason for my b.p.’s sudden descent. I mean, Dr James told me, but I am renowned for never taking in what medicos tell me.   :(

Something to do with the atrial fibrillation discovered by my GP (to whom I am devoted) back up there in Maidstone, plus dehydration. Apparently the danger in AF is that it can give rise to stroke; and I would not be keen to experience that !

This episode has really annoyed me; for basically I have always been a healthy old fart. Now I have to admit (if anyone entitled to do so asks me) to not being so, and it gives me the shits bigtime. Mortality ? – I suppose so .. although to be honest, now that I am no longer fainting or feeling horrible, I am not thinking of it. Thinking grumpily more about how I can no longer afford MyWW, as it has now escalated to $79 a month ! Jesus. Who can afford THAT ?! Grrrrrrrrrr ..

That was it. The Episode. I have various little round bandaid thingies stuck to me still where cannulas were inserted (yesyes, and then removed !) and some bruising; but I also have clear memories of the Victorian health system and its workers. It cannot be compared with that of NSW back in 2005/6 when Chic was dying, because that was absolutely vile. No: I am happy to be here in Victoria with its excellent support of ancients’ health; and especially happy with my ‘new’ (but old) flat in St Kilda East. I even have a small community already !

I am counting my blessings.


18 thoughts on “SUCH an exciting day .. like, not !

  1. Oh my goodness, M-R, I am certainly glad to hear that you’ve received good care! This must have been very frightening to you while you waited for the ambulance and the eventual rebalancing of your blood pressure. I hope you’ll continue to follow through with wherever the AF trail takes you, and wonder if you’ll be prescribed blood thinners. I only mention that because my husband had only one incident of A-fib and they put him on blood thinners almost immediately. It sounds like you are in an excellent location and I’m relieved for you at that! :-)

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    • You are THE nicest person, Deb ! X !! :D
      When Cecile told me about the AF, she put me on an aspirin a night (which had to be accompanied by a Zoton, as even that wee little thing gave me ghastly indigestion) according to the readings from the ECG I had as part of my 6-monthly over-all check.
      Dr James took me off that and put me onto .. hang on a tick .. rivaroxaban, until my echo next week and the following consult with the cardio. Truly, the Victorian health system PISSES on all the others – the ones I’ve experienced, I mean.

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      • Making your way through the complex world of medical appointments is going to be a test of your strength, I think, M-R. There just aren’t any straight lines, and for those of us who keep an eye on efficiency, it’s hard to wait for answers! But i trust you will get it all sorted and be in good shape before long. I am sure of it!

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  2. Oh dear. My blood pressure used to drop suddenly when I was pregnant, (more years ago than I care to remember). It’s a strange feeling to start going woozy so suddenly. I hope they don’t discover anything to sinister.

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  3. What great ambos! They knew the system and how to work it, didn’t they. Sorry about your AF, but it can be lived with. Mr Gums has AF, and Mum who died 3 weeks before she turned 91 was in almost constant AF. It wasn’t that (nor a stroke, nor her heart) that took her out! You clearly need to watch your hydration though.

    What a bummer about MyWW! That is a lot per month. Any deals possible? Was it helping? Can you do it without them?

    And, I’m glad to finally have seen some mention at least of your new flat. Is Woolies great?

    Finally, do take care M-R. Was Boodz alright while you were away?

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    • All the right questions, Sue. :)
      The flat is absolutely ACE ! – old and a bit rundown but with character. And yes, that DOES sound like its newest tenant. :D
      Boodz was my chief worry, of course; and I was ecstatic that they let me go home that night. Two of the good samaritans had borrowed my keys, taken all my carefully-folded (not by me !) laundry home and then returned the keys; so he knew at least that the world was still there, so to speak. When I got home he was quite pleased, and I clutched him to my pendulous bosom and smooched all over him: “There !” I told him, “that’s your rent paid for this week ..”
      I’ve been thinking about the past 6 months having been paid for as digital AND workshop: I shall see how I go trying that line .. ;)

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  4. Heavens, M-R – I thought the earthquake and moving house were enough excitement, and now an ambulance ride! You do make me worry!
    I like the sound of the new digs – good for you! Looking forward to hearing more about it all – but do take care won’t you!

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