Boasting day ..

This-morning wasn’t as cold as of recently yore (so to speak), so I weighed meself.

To my unutterable joy I weighed in at 84.5kg ! – FINALLY broke the 85kg mark.   :)

This means that I’ve now lost 20kg — on April Fool’s Day I was 104.5kg. Am I pleased ? – I am bloody ecstatic ! I don’t remember when last I weighed under 85kg – probably around 20 years ago is my best guess.

I had actually gone so far as to cancel my MyWW account,  because I’d finished my six-month special rate and the next one was billed at $79 per month. Nearly fainted. But during the 2 or 3 weeks of said cancellation I was bereft – simply couldn’t cope without the WW site to refer to for working out the points in various things and recording and tracking the number of ‘blue’ points consumed per day. I felt really odd without what I’d been referring to for the past six months ..

So I emailed them and found an even better financial deal: first 3 months free, followed by another six months at the same $40-odd (can’t recall exactly).

And here I am, ready and willing to just keep going indefinitely with this ¼ use of MyWW – meaning, using only one of their four ‘pillars’ – that’s apparently become part of my lifestyle now.

23 thoughts on “Boasting day ..

    • I suppose it comes down to being on my own and not having to watch someone else eating stuff I would love to eat .. Watching your intake when you live alone is SO much easier .. (Here, Grandma: make a hole in the bottoms of these eggs and then you can suck out the contents ..)


  1. Good on ya! That is quite an accomplishment. (I had to have Siri do all the conversions for me, as far as kg/lbs.) WW can be quite a good thing; I belonged to a group here. In person. The weigh ins were terrifying, because I knew the person doing the weighing. I didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of her. Very motivating!

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    • Oh Michele – the thought of you needing WW is MOST entertaining ! Why, you must’ve been carrying at at least 4 or 5 pounds too much ! [grin]


  2. What a wonderful accomplishment, M-R. And you could so easily have used your recent health scares as an excuse to go completely off program. I am delighted that you have found a way to bring your WW monthly costs down. Let me remind you that I lost more than 50 pounds several years ago and being at goal weight, I am no longer required to pay. It can be done, I hope I can encourage you. I’m so glad you shared.

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    • Wowee, beautiful Debra ! – 22 kilos you shed. I simply cannot summon up an image of you with that much weight added. I mean, I know you say it’s true, but .. [grin]
      I feel very much as if I can keep this up indefinitely. But I suppose I’ll have to stop one day ..

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        • VERY slowly is what everyone should do. I should. It worries me that I’m going a bit too fast: I know that half a kilo a week is the rate to maintain. Still, I’m not all that much over – something like 700g a week.


  3. Is it OK for me to say I’m so proud of you M-R? I hope that’s not condescending but that’s a wonderful achievement. Do you FEEL better – do you move better? How are your clothes going? And, what does Boodz think!!

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