OK, so I lied .. Big whinge ahead !

This was the cut on the day I had it, yes ?

And this was on Sunday, after I’d washed my hair and done my best to flatten the sides. (All the tops I bought from Shein are now  too big, and this one has splashes of toothpaste down it. JESUS CHRIST ! – can’t I even clean my teeth before getting dressed ??? I blame it on looking like an elderly matron.)

This one I took about ten minutes ago, to show you how going from the sublime to the ridiculous can make an old fart happy.

I shall put in my hoop earrings when I go out – or my river pearl drops – cos otherwise people will think I’m cruising .. [grin]

As can be easily seen, I actually detest this selfie process as much as I detest my fucking PHONE.  If Stringer were still with me, he would teach me how to use it and life would be absolutely fine (as Max was wont  to say whenever asked – cf “The St Mary’s Chronicles”). But although I’m good with everything PC on my laptop, I realize how set in my ways I am, and how much I hate having to learn alternative methodologies – like this bloody phone, or the tablet that’s still sitting in its box because I hate it too.

I signed up for a Zoom course on U3A about making the most of your Android phone; but all it’s done for me so far is make see how totally and irrevocably tied in with everything related to Google (their parent) these phones are. I seem to spend most of my life trying to delete everything to do with Google and discovering that the phone won’t work if I manage to.

What’s the solution ? – an Apple phone ??? Apart from the fact that even re-thingummied Apple phones can cost up to a cool thou, and the cheapest I’ve found so far is well over $400 (and isn’t recommended !) – not to mention the RAGE this fact brings on when I think about Tim Cook’s wealth – the whole idea of having to have what I laughingly call my personality split between the two OSs is horrifying.

Even trying to access the WW app on my Oppo is .. well, horrible. I simply haven’t the faintest idea of how to navigate my way around the site. So I don’t: I just stick with the website on the laptop and hope that somewhere I’ll find someone to teach me how to use the tablet. Surely that would be easier that this stupid, INFURIATING little piece of hardware that I actually threw onto the floor a short time ago, hoping it would die .. but of course it didn’t.   :(

And remember – I have another, identical phone, still in its presentation gear. Anyone want an Oppo ?



15 thoughts on “OK, so I lied .. Big whinge ahead !

  1. All of this technology can be so infuriating, can’t it! I just got a new phone because I wanted the camera and now I struggle with the camera constantly because it has so many dang setting and bells and whistles. I do have to say that I have trained my phone to talk to me with the voice activation (hey, google) and it is wonderful. I have the phone blue-toothed to the car and I can just ask the phone when a store closes and then to tell me the directions to drive to it without taking my hands off the wheel. That makes me feel pretty dang proficient, but I do realize that I’m not using at least 90% of the functions of the phone. Sigh.

    Hang in there. That tablet will eventually turn out to be the companion you were looking for while watching a show away from home or knitting/crocheting a pattern.

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    • Oh christ, Marilyn, I do hope so .. This old laptop has seen better days, and isn’t going to last indefinitely; besides which it’s fairly heavy. The tablet would be soooo much easier to use ..
      I like your use of your phone ! – I too have found that asking questions of mine is pretty helpful, but not helpful ENOUGH !! :\

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  2. In your camera app: There’s probably a little circle that looks like arrows chasing each other? That would change from your rear camera to your front camera, and you can take a selfie like looking into a mirror, without using a mirror! Much easier than standing in front of the mirror; I’ve tried both ways.

    good luck! love your buzz cut.

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    • Hmm .. I see .. I keep noticing selfies taken in mirrors and have thought there must be some .. ahh .. protocol. [grin]
      Thank-you, my small clever friend; I am indebted to you. And I’m glad you like it because I LOVE it ! – so easy to look after, just for starters. :D


  3. Had to laugh, you sound just like me. Technology and me just don’t see eye to eye. Did you know the Nic-name for anything electronic, FRED – Fucking ridiculous electronic devices. I did switch to Apple a few years back, and I do find it marginally easier.

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    • Oh gawd, Chris ! – FRED is right up my alley !! Goodonyermate ! :D
      If Microsoft didn’t keep issuing strange and horrible updates, and if they would only get rid of that frightening amount of code bloat, I could be happy. Ish ..


      • Oh, and I forgot to say – my clothes hame an inbuilt toothpaste magnet too.
        Also, I like the hair cut, very short, suits you, and yes hoop earrings when you’re going out, or some of those enamel half rings with Mexican colours. Short hair needs big bold earrings!

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  4. Definitely the buzz cut M-R – it has a “don’t mess with me” look about it that I like!
    My laptop died recently and I’m converted to tablets – so convenient! Use it sitting on the couch or in bed or travelling. I had a couple of glitches at the start, but a lovely young couple of geeky guys in the local computer shop fixed it up in no time. You’ll love it once you get going!

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    • Shit, I hope so, Sue ! It’s just that I don’t know how to navigate around the damned thing .. S’pose I’ll have to find a manual. Sighhh ..
      Glad the buzzcut’s going down well: it feels so familiar. :D


  5. I hear your frustration and give you a “high five” for even trying! It’s a nightmare to navigate all the different platforms, and I do have help!

    Your haircut suits you, and is entirely what I heard you say you wanted in the first place. With some good earrings to dress it up from time to time when you go our you’ll actually feel fashionable. You’d do well here in California, to be honest. It’s not unusual at all for women to completely shave their heads. As I’ve heard people say, “You be you!” :-)

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    • I do wish we could meet: a person as nice as you are DESERVES to meet me. [grin]
      Seriously, though, and all self-aggrandisement aside, you never have anything but positive comments on offer; and I wish I could be as sunny. And yet it’s not as if you have no tragedy in your life .. Oh bugger it Deb – you’re a much nicer person than this grumpy old broad.
      I have spoken.

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      • Oh you just delight me, M-R. I know we are good friends just separated by an awful lot of ocean! I’m not always sunny in disposition, but I think when I’m with blogging friends I am generally just very happy! Thank you for such kindness coming from you to me…see? You are much nicer than you give yourself credit for. LOL!

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  6. You haven’t visited my SIX DEGREES, just saying! You might like to, you know.

    I thought, hmm, I haven’t seen M-R, I hope she’s OK, and then discovered that I hadn’t seen this post EVEN THOUGH I get email notifications. I have no idea how I miss so many posts from people I follow.

    I do a bit of helping my older friends with their devices, but I do get a bit flummoxed by the Android world. Last week an 80-something asked me to get the ABC News for her.

    I said we need to go to Google Play.
    Ah, she said, I avoid anything with Google.
    And I said, but you have an Android, you can’t. How did you get all these app on the phone.
    My son did it, she said.
    At that point I gave up, because of course she didn’t know her Play store sign-in and password.

    Do any of you readers here know whether you can put apps on an Android without using Google Play? I’d love to know.

    Love your hair – both as it came out of the hairdresser and as you have subsequently made it by hook or by crook.


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