All this WW business ..

You can see in that screen-grab both of the newest switcheroos of WW:

  1.  is the word “reimagined”, and
  2.  is the phrase “personal points”.

When I started with WW it was the beginning of April of this year: I weighed in at just over 104kg (by no means the heaviest I’ve been, as I can clearly recall being crapped on by my doted-upon Sydney GP, Uttam, for being 112kg !!); and I believe the “reimagined” bit hadn’t been running for all that long. But I’m not at all sure when they started with the creation of ‘four pillars’, as they’d come up with for the reimagining ..

Sleep, Mindfulness (or Mental Attitude, or something), Food and Exercise: these comprise the quartet of support.

I can honestly say that the 1st, 2nd and 4th pillars in my house did not exist; so it was required to .. ahh .. manage (balance ?) on one pillar alone – that of Food. I simply ignored those three topics and concentrated on what I stuffed into my cakehole.

I didn’t actually SET OUT to  be thusly wicked; I mean, I never formulated the thought that I had no intention of doing what was expected .. I just went to the website (no horrid smartphone for me !) and sorted out how to ‘do’ the points thing with my food, and it worked.  So what point would there have been in carrying on with all the rest of the stuff, I ask you ..?

The reason it worked ? — my circumstances; namely, living alone and thus never needing to consider anyone else’s tastes or preferences or allergies or refusal to eat the same meal two or even three days in a row. There was no-one else in my group (talking the first few weeks of workshops, before Covid-19 ruined lives and put a total halt to meetings) in a position to do that; hence my kind of leaving them all behind. She said, modestly ..

So everything was hunky dory anyway when WW suddenly introduced A Much Better Thing: the now-famous ‘Personal Points’. Long story short— no, I can’t do it, sorry. Not possible to explain it without taking up far too much text. Just accept that this is a genuine improvement, except for ..

this kind of thinking, that continues to be my personal bugbear. “Low of 99% fat-free dairy” ?? – what the— ?! Everyone knows that when the words ‘low fat’ or ‘fat-free’ appear referring to .. anything, I believe !, then that food’s sugar content has been jacked up by a frightening factor. What would I rather eat than sugar ? – FAT, that’s what.

Consider this book:

and if you want, you can watch its author, the wonderful and determined Nina Teicholz, here at a TedX talk, which is a brief summary of her work over EIGHT YEARS of research. Unfortunately, her voice is not a good one for giving a talk, and she can prove difficult to understand at times; but if you zot in and out a bit you’ll find sections that are not only fascinating – as is her entire thesis – but able to be comprehended. The book is rivetting throughout; and I’ve listened to most of it – skipping only the parts where chemistry (I think it’s chemistry !) proves too weighty. I am a convert, and a passionate one.

But .. WW hasn’t caught up with this thinking — here’s an email about how it’s spreading — and will probably take a looong time to do anything about it, even when it’s set in stone in the American Dietary Guidelines. Because it’s going to mean they have to re-think their algorithms, re-think their wordings, re-think bloody EVERYTHING.

The bottom line to all this raving is that I have little idea how it is that since April Fool’s Day I’ve managed to lose 22kg.

What about the 99% fat-free cottage cheese ? – or the ditto cheese slices ? Have I lost these kgs on account of eating no bread at all ? – or is it the absence of marmalade on my non-existent toast ? Can’t be.

it’s the quantities. I very often don’t have an evening meal – not because I want to fast, but because I’m not hungry. One of my delicious vego meals for lunch can fill me up to dolly’s wax (or pussy’s bow, of course): I’m eating probably half or less than I was before April.

I’m staying with this. It’s become a sort of hobby, and it’s interesting. If only the same could be said of this post, eh wot ? [grin]

25 thoughts on “All this WW business ..

  1. I enjoy hearing your take on all the changes. The most interesting thing about the new program design is that we have all been given different zero points foods. That was the most intriguing to me! But it’s a perfect match for me, so I can’t complain. I am “no dairy” anyway, so that particular obstacle wasn’t presented to me. I am going to an “in-person” meeting tomorrow, for the first time since March 2020. I’m really quite excited, which much surprises me. You look great! I always said, however, that my reason for losing weight wasn’t to focus on what I looked like or to wear skinny jeans! It was all about health. And I recommend to anyone starting WW that they think in those terms. It makes the entire program a lot easier to follow, I think! :-)

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    • Unhappily, once I started writing about it I found simply too much to expound on, Deb; and that took the wind right out of my sails. :(
      Yes, the different zero points foods, worked out by the algorithms dependent upon our choices, in a most interesting and positive thing. F’rinstance, I now have a large-ish bowl of oats made with water (not forgetting the pinch of salt) and a chopped-up banana therein post-cooking; whereas previously I had to restrict the oats to something like 40g and it didn’t fill me at all. Now breakfast lasts well until lunchtime, and I’m laughing.
      Over-all health ..? Hmmm .. that would necessitate a person’s getting involved in all four of the “pillars”, yes ? – yes. I’m not posting as a sensible soul, comme toi, but merely an interested one whose blinkered vision is concentrated on just the one.
      A face-to-face sounds like a terrific idea for you sensible lot. Love to learn how it went ..


  2. You look maahvelous!

    When I did WW over a decade ago, we didn’t have pillars. It was just about food. You could choose a point system (too complicated for me, made me think about food all the time), or a Core diet and portion control. I think portion control was probably the most important part for me, no more MORE after dinner. There were some free foods; I remember eating a lot of popcorn. And I liked steel cut oats, so that was my breakfast, daily, with a handful of blueberries.

    Still hanging in there!

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    • Imagine you doing WW !!! – no, I cannot. But I am perfectly sure you were not carrying an unwanted 35kg, small clever one. I, rather than popcorn, eat a very large number of corn thins – I love ’em ! :)


  3. I think you have absolutely got it M-R … quantity is the most significant thing in managing weight. My mantra is moderation in all things, when it comes to food and drink. If you do that you should be able to stay pretty healthy. You look great BTW – so nice to see.

    How is your new (old) flat going, and are you known to all at Woollies?

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    • Tenks, dullink ! :)
      Yes, I am – but mostly because I keep losing my temper at the self checkout machines. :( I always end up swearing, and apostrophising whichever one I’m using – e.g., ‘Don’t tell me to bag it – I’ve already told you I have my own bag !’ and so forth.
      Hiatus at the old new flat: Rob’s done his back in. [sob !] Poor bugger: how often do these blokes end up with bad backs ? – I reckon every time. But I decided today that I shall move my crocheting and internetting chair, plus STUFF, into the second bedroom tomorrow. The new split system is fucking useless: new but bottom of the range. Doesn’t have horizontal swing !!! No point being in here with it: I’ll shift into another room – I have so many to choose from [grin] – and take my two side tables and the printer with me. Boodie will be happy.

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  4. I was converted to use butter instead of margarine and full cream in coffee instead of low fat by sylph-like friends up the coast, M-R – and I’ve never looked back. They put me right off anything low fat or high sugar or much bread. I’m no annoyed with myself that after losing several kilos, I have put it back on due to mindless eating during lock down – but I do intermittent fasting by default, because like you I tend to miss either lunch or dinner – so the weight comes off without undue effort. BTW you look fabulous!

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    • Ah, a woman after my own heart, Sue ! :D – and thanks for the compliment. (I’m lousy when it comes to compliments; so you’re lucky that I actually thanked you !)
      My younger sister always wanted me to do LCHF – low carb high fat – but the problem with keto dieting is that there are ABSOLUTE nonos, and I don’t like that: bread ? – never under any circ.s !
      But basically one’s method for redoocing must suit one, and that’s it. Find what you can live with that doesn’t come accompanied by hunger and you’re home and hosed, eh ? :D


    • Appreciated, Amanda ! :)
      I’m somewhat concerned that I’m NOT full of energy and would rather sleep all day. I have to pick up a script today, so I’ll quiz my pharmacist about a multi-vitamin ..

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