HNY and all that

Yeah, I know: I sound less than fulsome, don’t I ?

It’s because I’m running out of any ability to be nice (or even pretend to be). The Boodster is much more pleasant company than am I, and that’s the truth .

Stringer used often to call me “Lucy” .. And that version of her is EXACTLY how I feel.

I s’pose you’re wondering why the mood ..?

Can’t bring myself to tell you, not right now. Maybe during the week. Probably.

You’d be only sensible if you shrugged and said “OK then, fuck you M-R ! – who even cares ?!” ..



16 thoughts on “HNY and all that

    • You have good reason to be overwhelmed, facing a future absolutely chocka with knitting teaching and associated stuff, Michele ! (and long may it continue ..)


  1. Ha, I read these posts in reverse order so I now know why you are being THAT Lucy. I do wish you a very happy 2022 and hope that very soon you are ensconced in a lovely, bright, well-located and well-appointed place.

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