Getting it over and done with

Stupid of me not to’ve just told you the other night. I started to, but then I piked out; couldn’t face the topic yet again.

I have to move again.

You can be apprised of the many reasons for this truly hideous fact by reading a couple of documents, comprising my letter to my Property Manager, currently on holidays and not back till Thursday, under a covering bad-tempered email. There are some attachments I’m leaving out because they’re not necessary to your comprehension of my total fed-up-ness ..

  1. Covering email.
  2. 1st_vacating – as identified in said infuriated email – stating most of the facts (because, believe it or not, there are other things that I forgot at the time of writing !

Then there are a couple of the attachments:

  1. att-2.jpg is essential, as you’ll see; and
  2. att-2.pdf also, being  half of the infamous pair that set the lie in place.

I’ve since taken a shitload more photos so as to have them on hand in case of heated denials (or any kind !).

So that’s it. The enormous depressing load I’m currently toting about.

10 thoughts on “Getting it over and done with

  1. Indeed. Talk about taken for a ride, eh ?
    Trouble is, that if only the people “looking after” the flat actually did so, it would be terrific. But like (it seems) most landlords, this one is a mean and grasping (_¤_) who isn’t interested in the idea of spending on it and being able to raise the rent,


  2. What a shame M-R. It certainly sounds most unsuitable for you (or for any person, really.) One of my big priorities in house hunting is good laundry facilities. It – and a functional kitchen – are critical to our lives I think. I wish you luck in finding a great alternative. It’s a difficult time of year to be looking I think but don’t rush in. That ad sounds completely different from what you describe, the dirtiness/grunge for a start.

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    • I can NEVER understand why people who have invested in flats don’t maintain them properly and thus be in a position to raise the rent, Marilyn .. Or even how they can bear to see their investments going downhill and becoming ratty ,,
      Nor do I comprehend a Property Manager’s not bothering to set eyes on a place she’s just been given to look after. PFUH !!

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    • It is indeed shameful, Patrick ! – exactly the right word. And yet there will be furious defensive goings-on when the Property Manager returns – including, I’d guess, from the Head of Property Management, who was singularly unhelpful regarding the prospect of my facing yet another fortnight with the vile toilet.
      They’ll find lots of ways of sayiing everything’s my fault: I’m looking forward to it !


  3. I am so sorry, M-R. Moving is very stressful, and I’m sure this is not at all the way you anticipated jumping into the new year. It seems that all too often property managers and landlords have no direct responsibility to meet the needs of their tenants. I am really disappointed for you. We know of your initial enthusiasm, and to say the least, this outcome is disappointing. :-(

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