Oh, NEARLY, darling ..

That was a quote from my mama which has no meaning for any of youse but can be found within the pages of ATLMD, described as ‘a Stringerism’. It still makes me laugh.   :D

I employ it here to draw attention to the near impossible fact of having found a place to rent – no need for a spoiler alert because the agency hasn’t yet announced the owner’s chosen tenant – that meets every item but one on my list of criteria:

  • not situated in the middle of acres of concrete
  • not on entrance where others go in and out
  • not in hilly area
  • not on heavy traffic (in both senses) road
  • not facing west
  • not in the wilds of suburbia
  • ground floor or lift
  • water pressure good
  • large enough tank if electric hot water
  • on sufficient number of elec. circuits
  • dishwasher or double sink
  • on public transport or close to
  • shopping close by or transport thereto ditto
  • taps for washing-machine
  • intercom or direct access

It’s the dishwasher or double sink criterion that isn’t met. This will be met, somewhere down the line, by the purchase of yet another Domain brand benchtop dishwasher – my third.

It’s an absolute ripper of a little machine: washes glassware so that it sparkles. While I don’t absolutely HAVE to have a dishwasher, I do love the knowledge that I’m eating off really clean crockery and drinking out of really clean glassware and using really clean cutlery. For in my current hovel I am facing into a blind wall and unsure of how well I’m doing with washing the dishes. As well, being unable to rinse them maketh me very mad indeed; and I don’t have room for a bowl of clean hot water even to dip them into. I reckon I eat an awful lotta soap ..

Anyway. Apart from all that nonsense, the fact is that this little unit is an excellent example of how one can find a 93% successful place in the most unlikely kind of guise. It’s the back half (bit less, actually) of a longish house, and has been made into an independent living place. It has a lovely piece of lawn outside, with trees and all, and a Hills hoist. As you will’ve immediately worked out, it’s there for both halves; meaning that there will be some degree of meeting in the garden on weekends – possibly ..

Well, I met the bloke of whoever live there in the front half, and he’s delightful. He emerged to bring in his drying from the hoist, which gave him a big tick to start with. AND it turned out that it was he who had put in several above-ground vegie patches ! (so I do not see why I couldn’t do the same with flowers), which is several hundred ticks. He is far from being a bogan. I could share the garden, de temps en temps, very well with him.

You are instructed to fall to your knees and pray that I get it, OK ?

No, I don’t give a rat’s if you know perfectly well that there’s no-one up there: just do it. Nike away like anything.



22 thoughts on “Oh, NEARLY, darling ..

  1. Sounds really beautiful M-R. I so hope you get it. Does the fellow own the place? Or is he renting too. I am so excited for you but will try not to get ahead of myself. When will you know?

    PS This may not be the appropriate place to say it, but when you have dogs, and are housetraining them, the idea is to take them outside and have a word for them to do their business. Now, you want a word that’s not embarrassing to say out loud if you are travelling with your dog, say, and need them to do said business before you hop back in the car (etc). The word I came up with was NIKE! (For reasons you clearly know.) I am therefore very good at nike-ing away.

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  2. I dropped immediately to my knees praying that this place will be yours. Looks great garden area.
    Only problem is that I can’t get up off my knees – oh well think next prayer will be done standing upright!!
    Good luck M-R I really really hope this will be the place for you and Boody xxx

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    • Thank-you, me auld darlint ! – and I know well that probem re getting up once down. I should’ve thought of it before issuing the instruction, eh ? :D


    • Thanks so much, Michele ! – received with pleasure. :)
      These little machines are brilliant for singles, and this particular one is priced at around USD320. Not bad, eh ?!


  3. I’ll be more than happy to put in a good word for you, M-R! It sounds delightful and I think sharing a bit of space with someone might be very nice. Privacy without isolation. I like the combination. :-)

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    • You’ve hit the nail on the head again, Deb – privacy without isolation is The Thing !
      But every hour that passes without the approval needed reduces me a tiny bit ..


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