10 thoughts on “I wonder what’s wrong with me ..?

  1. That’s so disappointing M-R! It’s nothing to do with you, it’s the rental market. Maybe someone offered a higher rent for it, who knows.
    Hang in there. Something must come up for you! And the pic is lovely.

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    • My gut feeling is that the problem for this owner was Boodie. It’s a small place, with no sign of another animal within coo-ee; and owners have every right to turn you down because they think you’ll foul their precious property. I can’t tell Boodie: he would be SO offended, being the cleanest little mog in the world. [grin]


  2. You may be right M-R. I had a friend in a rental unit with a cat and she that she kept secret from the estate agent and handed it to a friend for the day when there was an inspection!
    I had a quick Google at some decent Melbourne suburbs, I saw the occasional one bedroom that seems affordable, but needing ground floor (understandably) limits you. You keep finding units to apply for, so hang in there, something must come up eventually!

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    • I simply can’t go that route, Sue – the risk is too great: were I to be found out there’d be a black mark against me in the renting records. I know my cat has lost me rentals before, and may well do so again; but there are owners who know that cats are mostly great tenants. I just have to meet up with ’em.


    • Oh yes, of course they do; but I have valid reasons for my recent peripatetic moves that no owner could (or should, anyway) find unacceptable. Whose nose ?, as Stringer used to say. :D

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  3. Bother! I’m disappointed for you, of course, but really sorry they didn’t give you some kind of explanation. Not very helpful. And maybe just a little too “cheery” in tone for a message intended to be an unwelcome response. :-( And I don’t recommend lying about your little furry friend, but I have friends who do just that! They sneak their cats in after the lease is signed, and I think I understand why!

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    • I can only say they’re game, Deb: the risks are enormous ! As well, I couldn’t possibly live in the atmosphere of duplicity created .. It’s OK, beautiful: there are lots of owners who understand how much better life is for most tenants who have pets. :)


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