The answer is “Nothing !”

I was wondering what’s wrong with me that gets me rejected as a tenant, yes ?

Cf my heading up there.

This ad is from today’s list. In other words, they haven’t yet managed to let it; but they have told me that I’m out.

So it’s definitely the fact that I have a cat. The owner doesn’t want a pet.

Those ‘marvellous’ changes to the tenancy laws are not policeable.

Still, I comfort myself with the very unappealing thought of living in a place whose owner doesn’t like pets ..

And with the fact that I have a viewing Monday lunchtime of an apartment I’d really like – and so would Boodie ! It has a balcony he’d LOVE, the little darlin; and no huge sliding doors. I’ve had a brief chat with the Property Manager and she said she’s seen my application and she thinks the owner and I would get on like a house on fire !


21 thoughts on “The answer is “Nothing !”

  1. It beats me why they worry so much about a pet, M-R – if it was me, I’d be more worried about people with kids!
    I remember when I was in Vienna forty years ago, all the people living in apartments looking out the windows with their dogs looking out the windows with them. Go figure Australia…
    Good luck on Monday! I truly hope you get this one.

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    • Couldn’t agree more, of course, Sue ! But I suppose all it takes is for one bad experience with some tenant’s cat or dog to make an owner anti for life.
      I remember exactly the same thing about dogs in apartments looking out windows, and maybe it was in Vienna ! – or possibly Paris .. just can’t recall where in Europe. There’s a photo of one doing it somewhere in the travel site, but I couldn’t find it by whipping through.


  2. So fingers are crossed! You want to live where Boodie will be comfortable! :-) I have a dog, and I can understand if a landlord isn’t interested in accommodating a dog. They don’t use litter boxes, they bark, and some can be aggressive to strangers. But a cat? I really don’t see how a cat is an inconvenience to any property owner. So I’ll just say again, “fingers crossed!!” ❤

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    • Apparently there are mogs who tear the bottoms of curtains or sharpen their claws on the carpet: basically, cat-owners can be people who don’t look after their animals and don’t provide them with scratching posts ! Gasp !!! That’s asking for trouble !
      I do appreciate your concern on my behalf !! XO


  3. Oh I’m so sorry M-R but will keep my fingers crossed for Monday…that it’s as good as it sounds and that you get accepted. That other landlord must be being too picky if such a great sounding place is still not let!!!

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    • Tenks, dullink ! – most kind. :D If there’s anything wrong with it, it’s possibly its size.Can’t tell until getting the ancient bonce in there. Viewing at 4 !


  4. I had a look at the interior photographs of some units for rent M-R, and I can see what you mean – they all look huge because the picture is so distorted – it’s very difficult to determine the actual size. I suspect several I looked at were tiny. It’s not helpful for people trying to figure out if a place is likely to be suitable for them, it just adds to the difficulty. I found it annoying!

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    • You’re far too reasonable, Sue: “annoying” should be replaced by “deliberately misleading”. And yes, there’s no way in the world that one could take a flat/unit/apartment without a viewing, even though that’s what I did with this hovel. In my case it wasn’t the size, because they were only using normal lenses 5 or 6 years ago when these photos were taken ! I would love to have some time with whichever useless pollie is in charge or Victoria’s rental regulations ..


  5. I understand your pain now, M-R! I’ve progressed from examining rental property photographs to a site called – “Terrible property photos: The best of the worst on the internet” and I can’t stop laughing. I recommend it for some light relief. Fingers crossed for you next Monday!

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  6. I’m off on Saturday morning on the train (I hope ! – this agency is frightfully disorganized) for a late addition to The Hopeful Stakes, Sue. The Monday one was going to be a real possibility until my attention was drawn to where I hadn’t scrolled down as far as – short-term only. :\
    Stringer used to crap on me for not reading ALL of whatever it was. He was so right !!!


    • I said the fuckers are frightfully disorganized: they’re worse. They just sent an SMS saying “Sorry, {address} is no longer available”. They’ve done this before. I want someone to set up a website for renters to rate RE agents.


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