There are such great people here and there ..

Today I came across a new-to-me crocheter – another American, as are so many, but one who has opened my eyes !

Her name is Doris. She has a YouTube channel, a husband and a pretty impressive craft setup. She also has a kind heart and a generosity of spirit that I’ve found rewarding, so far, at least three times:

  1. how to stop my crochet fabric from gradually widening as it gets longer
  2. how to use my swift gainfully, so that a skein doesn’t keep jamming the yarn-winder
  3. how to design a cardigan or jumper that really, really, REALLY fits me.

Christ on a bicycle ! – all this from one small (5’4″, she tells us) woman !

As I have (1) skeins I haven’t wound into balls because I’m sick of the tangles I get myself into; (2) a half-made cardi I haven’t finished because I’m sick of the way the back at its top is about 5cm wider than it is at the bottom; and (3) a deep-seated yearning to just MAKE A CARDI MYSELF, regardless of yarn, weight, colour or anyone else’s directions regarding any of those .. why, I have to bless Doris and her Rose Cottage YouTube channel (not to mention again her big heart) !

This may all seem so, so boring to you lot who never pick up a crochet hook from dawn to dusk, 24/7, right ?

To me it’s a really important part of my pretty solitary life, my crocheting; so that my continued lack of FOs, coupled with my ever-improving ability to frog at speed and re-wind by hand, has needed some kind of injection of DIRECTION for longer than I can recall. Doris gives me that.


20 thoughts on “There are such great people here and there ..

  1. I’m just amazed at what we can learn from others today. But it does take the genius of teachers willing to share their talents with the rest of us! Doris for Emperor doesn’t seem too far off to me. :-)

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  2. I did enjoy crocheting once … it’s a funny word that makes for a funny present participle I think. I still have a little too my sister made me as she was much better than I was at knitting and crocheting!

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  3. I used to crochet the most elaborate lace edgings M-R, hours and hours of work – and I gave them all away. I wish I’d kept a few now, I can’t fathom how I had the patience to do them all! I used to have books full of designs for them. It’s a wonderful occupation!
    Any luck with the flat hunting?

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  4. Thursday I viewed an apartment in the CBD !, in a wonderfully rococo building .. it was even good; but as I managed without trouble to fall down the two steps I’d seen and noted in the photos and other viewers had to pick me up, I decided that perhaps it might not be the best place for a silly old fart like me.
    Today I viewed a place – this is it – that I would happily kill any other applicant to get. :D I DON’T MEAN IT ! Were the gods to smile on me with it, there’s a story attached to this-morning’s viewing that I will post because it’s delightful. :)
    You may address your personal brand of god about it, Sue: prod him/her to give it to me, OK ? [grin]


    • That is so cute and pretty, M-R! Are they OK with a cat? Does it come furnished? I couldn’t see much of the bathroom – it is a walk in shower with room for a stool if you need one? Is there a private sunny spot you could sit outdoors? How far to the nearest supermarket? I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!

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  5. They have a cat themselves, the owner and her partner (dog too); not furnished, deo gratias !; bathroom roomy with shower cabinet and loo in its own separate part; a WONDERFUL wooden table/chairs setup in the garden !; no shops locally, but I’ll just go back to having deliveries from Coles, or take a tram to St Kilda. Sue, I think it ticks every box ! And because of the little story – as yet untold – I dare to say I HAVE HOPE !!


  6. I certainly wish you luck on this one, M-R; it looks lovely.

    (Re your post above, I agree about the term “passed”, I think people are fearful of saying “died” because it sounds too final (which it is!!!)

    I will keep my fingers and toes crossed re the unit!

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