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I’ve always been a fan of Arnie’s – he never took himself seriously when he moved into the film industry but just enjoyed himself enormously and made POTS of money.

As he ages with grace (yes, I believe even Arnie can be graceful) he’s become something of a commentator on Life.

Click on the screen-grab above for a truly thoughtful but impassioned address to the Russian people ..

11 thoughts on “From the BBC

  1. Yes, I saw parts of that on the news last night (or, somewhere last night!) and thought it was great. What difference it will make – whether the Russians who need to hear it will – who knows (or, perhaps we do know, unfortunately.)

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  2. I was so glad that he did this. I thought that he was a good governor of California; what impressed me most was his masterful coordination of online resources during a massive wildfire in California when that wasn’t yet a thing. Once again he is using online resources to make a difference.

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  3. I haven’t been able to get through M-R – WordPress was playing up.

    This speech was clever the way it immediately reassured the listener of Schwarzenegger’s respect for the Russian people. I sometimes follow a Russian chap on Utube and he said this speech was the one that really moved him as he was weary of the abuse he’d been receiving in these times. I don’t know how much effect it will have, but I admire Schwarzenegger for doing it.

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    • My sentiments too, Sue. He could’ve sat it out with an eye to any future Russian travels, etc.; but gives the very real impression that he hasn’t remained silent because he’s a fan of Russia’s. I’m really impressed by this speech: it’s so well thought out.


  4. I wasn’t all that happy with him as governor of my state, but I think he’s redeemed himself in my eyes. He also did some very impressive campaigns in an attempt to debunk some of the anti-vaccination hoax messages. Yep, I think I am a fan!


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