What happened to THAT ?!

This-morning I went to a shitload of trouble to take a photo of a cardigan I’d just finished crocheting so that I could use Imgur – called ‘image-posting software’ – to put a link to the photo in the Comments below the pattern on YouTube.

This, she said uncertainly, is it:

So it all worked: I put the link to the image into my comment and tested it, and there it was alright .. but some hours later I returned to Sarah’s entry in YouTube to see if she’d seen it and it had disappeared. The entire comment had gone.

The only person who could do that is the YouTube channel owner, yes ?

Looks like it’s so awful she was embarrassed by it because I’d also added a tag to give the credit to her for the design ..

Since this

is Sarah’s own version, made deliberately with ‘scrap’ yarn – i.e., left over from other projects – I’m thinking she feels my use of Lion Brand Mandala Ombre  is OTT ? Dunno. But it’s very puzzling ..

21 thoughts on “What happened to THAT ?!

  1. Sorry, I have no answer but it sounds weird. On some social media there’s a note if the “owner” removes a post. Is there a moderation thing happening when you put a pic in? Maybe you saw it work but then it went into moderation?

    Anyhow, yours is very lovely. Is it nice to wear?

    And, when do you move? I thought Essendon was further out than it is. I really don’t know the west side. I know the line up from Cartlon/Fitzroy to Thornbury etc and east of there, and the rest is very fuzzy.

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    • Nup, it’s GORN, Sue. I do wish I knew why – I’d offer some kind of apology, mebbe ..
      Ain’t worn mine yet: but tomorrow I’ll adorn myself in my pink caftan and add the cardi and see what I think.
      Essendon is on Tuesday week, 12th: I had to give my agent a fortnight’s notice and for reasons I can no longer remember ( ! ) I gave her a fortnight and a coupla days. There WAS a reason, but I’m buggered if I can recall it. Sighhh ..
      I know nothing of the area myself except forwht I saw during my inspection arvo – which I like very much. When I lived in Melbourne between 1965 and early 1974 I lived exclusively south and bayside, I s’pose you’d say – St Kilda X 3, Toorak X 3, South Yarra X 1, East Malvern X 1, Clayton X 1, Carlton X 1 – oh ! not south ! Anyway, you get the picture. :D

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    • G’day, Catherine ! – you are very kind to say so. :D But I wish I knew why she removed my comment .. In trying to remember the words I actually used, I do recall saying that I feared she wouldn’t see the link and thus the photo because she hadn’t been back to her site since I started on her pattern (which I said because she hadn’t responded to a couple of questions I left for her about methodology). So now I think she might have felt I was being critical ..? Sighhh ..
      Oh, btw ! – not my colourscheme: it’s Lion’s. One of the several self-striping in their Mandala Ombre range.


  2. I like your version very much! I’ve had comments that were completely innocent vanish off facebook and I also got a warning for bullying (!) which was a complete mystery to me as I can’t imagine what comment it was. Sigh. Maybe your comment and picture vanished do to mystery mischief too.

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    • Coming from a person who knits as BEAUTIFULLY as you do, Marilyn, your liking is noted with joy. :D
      I’m glad to learn that my small mystery is not original: I can stop pondering it now – thank-you !!

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  3. Don’t read too much into it. Because it had a link in it, it may have been moved into moderation (they often appear and then don’t). Also, she hasn’t responded to a comment on there for a month so she probably hasn’t even seen it.
    Your colours are lovely but being the eclectic (eccentric?) type I am, I do like the randomness of the odd ball version.

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    • Oh. OK, Mosy: I didn’t know that YouTube comments were subject to moderation (as my mate Sue has suggested). :\ Myself I am unsure re the colours: this colourway is not nearly as pleasing to me as https://i.imgur.com/TNygoZa.jpg – which has, of course, stretched to buggery. Sighh .. If you checked the link to Sarah’s pattern you would’ve seen her collection of wonderfully different colourway balls, yes ? It kind of gladdens the heart. :)


  4. I love your version. It’s truly lovely! I don’t know what happened to your photo in the comment, but if the Youtube site owner deleted it she isn’t very gracious. I would think she’d be flattered. Things do mysteriously disappear sometimes on the Internet, so that’s still possible. And good for you for figuring out how to post it in the first place!

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    • Here’s an example, Beautiful: https://i.imgur.com/cA9Pip2.jpg
      I have now decided what happened: it’s YouTube itself that keeps removing the little comments (I had another go and the same thing happened). It sees any form of URL and doesn’t want viewers to be ‘taken away’ and so removes the whole thing. Makes sense, doncha reckon ?


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