Granny stitch ain’t for me !

I made another cardi pattern from a YouTube channel belonging to a hugely talented crocheter called Sylvia whose projects are all subtle and delightful.

This is Sylvia’s finished product. Mine isn’t exactly .. ahh .. like it.

You see how she uses a gradient yarn ? – I didn’t have anything like it in my stash (which consists, as I have confessed to some other crochet people, of a pile of crocheted items  waiting to be frogged because either I never finished them or I finished them but don’t like them !) so I frogged a poncho made of a light self-striping acrylic.

Mine’s a tad less subtle, eh ?

Also, I didn’t want a waist with a cord, so I made it a little bit shorter. Now all I have to do is make two or three little cords for loose ties for the front and Robert will be my avuncular relative. I like the colourway.

But I’m not going to be doing anything in Granny stitch again ! – it made me feel like an assembly line operator, because it’s so quick and so fearfully repetitive.

Fiber Spider loves doing it, he says, and will actually look for patterns in Granny stitch. He must be a .. dammit, word’s gone.

Masochist. Yep.

9 thoughts on “Granny stitch ain’t for me !

  1. Gosh, granny stitch M-R! That carries me back. I remember when everyone seemed to be making those crochet multi-colour knee rugs in granny stitch – when was that?
    I’d like to see yours on – I think it would look rather nice.

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    • I can only take a shot of myself in the mirror, Sue, as there’s no-one around to oblige; and I’m simply not up to asking strangers ..
      See what I can do ..


    • That’d be right, you horrible woman ! [grin]
      But really, Mosy, when you look at Sylvia’s pattern, surely it’s .. ahhh .. something different from you as a 4-y-o’s poncho ?
      I wish the ‘pattern’ was of my doing, of course .. :)

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  2. I like your finished project, M-R, as it reminds me of some of the crocheted items I wore in the 60’s, and I was still in my teens. I always thought the “granny” reference was humorous, not at this stage of my life it takes on a different reference! I hope you’ll wear it and enjoy it. It sure does make me smile!

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  3. I think everyone has their own preferences, I personally love the granny stitch, but I don’t like the moss stitch. Comme ci comme ca. Check out my blog on Granny Squares…maybe you’d like other granny stitch crochet items, and just not the sweater! 🧶🧶

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