And here’s the moon ..

Beautiful pale morning sky .. pinks and grey swirling gently behind Luna, who might even be full ! — such beauty up there above the gum trees with their slowly awakening bird populations just beginning to be heard ..

And this is right in the middle of a fairly central Melbourne suburb.

Am I lucky ?! – I AM !

There goes a little aeroplane, ‘way up high .. Essendon Fields is just north of me, and provides any time spent indoors with small aircraft taking off and landing (helicopters too she added, without excitement).

No: I think she’s a fraction shy of full – the curve isn’t quite there on the top right. But Luna is lovely: the palest lemon against the sky’s now faded colours.

IF ONLY the camera would show what the eye sees ! But still, you can see the most important things, I think: indisputable evidence of Boodz, and my Breville Barista Express, and the balcony giving onto the trees ..


12 thoughts on “And here’s the moon ..

  1. What a lovely view over gum trees and the sky M-R! And aeroplanes to watch as well while you enjoy a coffee! Hooray! I think you’ve found gold at last!
    I can see it’s small – did you manage to fit in seating and a table? How roomy is the bedroom and does it have a window with a view as well? It looks pretty perfect for just one person – I just don’t know what I would do with my book collection.. I’m trying to cull but it’s difficult…
    I need one of those climbing/scratching posts for my kitten… how does your feline companion find sitting on that looking out at the view? He should be a happy cat. How does he cope with moving house, something I have to keep in mind with a future kitten. Any tips are appreciated!
    So glad you found a place you can be happy in! Great news!

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    • Thanks from the heart, Sue !! :D Yes, dis is de place, alright ! I like it and its environs so much that having to take on the EPA over the noise emanating from the laundromat downstairs seems a mere bagatelle – there’s no impassioned raging, as there’s always been with things I have to deal with. I’m very laid-back about it: but I shan’t be letting it drop entirely. ;)
      Here’s the boy, speaking of the cat-scratcher-climber:
      He LOFFS sitting in it !
      We once had six full-size sets of shelves full of books: now I have one that’s only two-thirds full. Had to do it: couldn’t keep moving them around.
      No view from bedroom; but it’s only a place to sleep in. I spend my time here in the loungeroom, thinking about how to move the furniture again .. [grin]


      • Better the laundromat than domestic rows M-R. The rental market out there is terrible, don’t risk this apartment!
        Love the pic thank you!
        You have a cosy little nest – sit tight in it and enjoy the local food market and the view out the balcony, you can sigh with relief now!

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  2. I am so pleased to catch a glimpse of your wonderful new apartment! I am so happy for you, and wish I could hear the birds as they awaken. I hope you’ll continue to be VERY happy there. :-)

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