And about bloody time !!!

Very happy to identify my political leanings.

It was well past time for Australians to take ScoMo to task for his absolute refusal to acknowledge climate change and his own betrayal of trust regarding a Federal Integrity Commission.

Amongst other things, of course.

The only awful news coming out of yesterday is that our tv screens and online newspapers will shortly be filled with images of the repulsive and completely OTT Peter Dutton as he becomes the Opposition Leader.

I couldn’t bear that: I shall have to start selecting a god to pray to that the ABC and The Guardian don’t give him as much coverage as they did ScoMo ..

21 thoughts on “And about bloody time !!!

  1. When they first called Dutton as losing his seat, I yelled, ” there is a god!” but it appears he snuck in, and this after saying that he would move seats next time to be safer! But at least the Gods tuned half an ear to our pleas. I did like what Albo said – hope, unity, and acknowledgement of First nations etc sounds great!

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    • Now it only remains to be seen if he is allowed to forge ahead with any of it; or if the various factions do their usual clubbing down. Just as with the other lot.
      How pathetic they all are !


  2. Forgot my password so here I go again. It is good to hear you are still active M-R if you remember you helped me some years ago with my blog which I have not kept up. Anyway if I ever learn how to write it is there for me hope we can stay in contact…

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  3. What a relief it is, I’ve been hitting the mute button every time Morrison appeared. Now I am hoping that little family from Biloela will finally be able to be released from detention!

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  4. I don’t know your politics or politicians, MR, but I would guess that you are as frustrated and repulsed as I am with our Republican party. Mid-term elections this year are bringing out the snakes, the “false prophets,” and just horrible politicians who think it’s okay to foment bigotry, hate and all manner of despicable ideas. I have a difficult time watching the news these days – I end up shouting at the TV or finding myself afraid of what may come. So, I’ve been watching reruns of M*A*S*H instead. I hope your good guys win, if that’s possible.

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    • M.J., me auld darlint .. I confess to having switched off from your politics entirely, once Biden was inaugurated. I simply don’t know what’s going to happen up there: the GOP is exactly as you state, and it seems that nothing more has been heard from those breakaway groups that emerged during the election. I honestly fear for the USA: were it possible for the maddies to outnumber the oks at – well, not so much the mid-terms as the next presidential election .. well .. tRump would destroy the country. It’s going to HAVE to be that more normal people vote – there’s no other solution.
      As for us: that we now have a Labor Prime Minister is a shitload better than what we’ve had for the last 9 years. But done and dusted it ain’t: both major parties are largely self-serving, having proved themselves to be so. It will be very interesting in Aussie politics to see the effect of all the Independents who have just been elected !!

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