Exercise ? – ACK !!!

But yes ! – exercise.

I suddenly and inexplicably grew tired of having to choose the radio button that says ‘nil’ when indicating how much of it I do.

No, that’s a porky. Wish it were true.

I came across a link in .. in .. dunno: maybe The Guardian ? – it wasn’t the ABC’s Just In column. Musta been The Guardian (to which I subscribe).  Yes, this was it. Never knew about ParkRun; or if I did I’ve managed to push it to the back of the ancient brain.

It grabbed me instantly. And that’s NOT a porky, believe it or not ! It fired me up to remembering how I used to do this daily walk, after Chic had gone and I mysteriously decided to lose some weight:

It was, of course, an absolutely GORGEOUS walk with Sydney Harbour everywhere around. I had some terrific photos taken during it, once: but no more. And that’s a tale from the M-R Madness files ..

Back to ParkRun ..

My local one – there are thousands throughout the world !! – is, I am very happy to report, at Maribyrnong. I have a very soft spot for that area as a result of living there for almost a year and having fallen in love with the beautiful little river – around which, as you can see, the ParkRun course runs. As do its participants – well, not this one: I don’t run, I walk briskly. I actually can’t run: something to do with balance and fear of falling ..

I start next Saturday. And I’ve already started on ‘Lite n Lean’ lunches and dinners: I can have my Home Care Plan pay for 70% of that ! In other woids, apart from seven bananas with seven servings of 40g of rolled oats and some lactose-free low-fat long-life milk for my coffee, I eat fourteen meals a week for about $48. Heh heh .. good for me and very good for my wallet ! Which has been attacked relentlessly of late by the need to have furniture taken away and in a couple of instances replaced by smaller things – this is a very small apartment indeed ..

Today my scales tell me 76.9kg. Comme vous pouvez lire, my weight continues to fall, ever so slowly. As I said to the young bloke who looks after me – upon whom I dote – in my Home Care Plan Provider company, Aunty Grace,

it’s my ambition to reach 70kg so that I can be a regular person in a lift. Don’t get it ?: lifts have plaques telling the gross weight they can carry and also the number of people. It always divides into about 70kg. [grin]

There was a very, very long time during which I would have to look away from that plaque ..

They say that exercise is addictive. Hmmm .. I shall have to avoid talking to my dear Hev, as she will only push me to do MORE. Still, getting up on a Saturday morning and taking a coupla trams to ParkRun should be tolerable: after all, I did that Pyrmont walk every day for quite a long time ..

Watch this space ..

18 thoughts on “Exercise ? – ACK !!!

  1. I used to belong to a walking group in Sydney that met on weekends for a walk around interesting places in the city and then lunch at a nice outdoor cafe. It was a pretty full day’s walking and a lot of fun. Good on you for giving the park run a go M-R – I’ve always found that you notice fatigue less when you exercise in company. I liked the walking group because it was as much about touring scenic/interesting parts of Sydney & friendly mixing with the other walkers as much as exercise. Sounds like you are settling well into your new home!
    We have snow forecast here this week, so I doubt I’ll be out walking much. Such a good excuse for holing up in a warm cafe instead!

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    • It will be my first ever experience of walking with others, Sue; so there’s a little trepidation ..
      Your group’s idea of different routes sounds interesting !
      Well, we shall see, eh ?


      • I guess it’s always luck of the draw, M-R – the joy of groups like these is that you can always strike off on your own if the company doesn’t suit! I’ve never done a park run, so I look forward to hearing about it!
        We are suffering an arctic blast at the moment where I am, with sub-zero temperatures since mid afternoon and icy winds. Not much walking or running going on here at all, it’s strictly hot-tea-in-front-of-the-fire weather! I hope you are warmer there!


        • Can’t like an arctic blast !! – and specially not sub-zero temperatures. Where the devil are you ? – I mean, specifically ? I see it’s 2° in Timaru and 5° in Invercargill .. Not going there !!!
          It was something around 9° in Essendon today. I turned my split system on, and it has gradually warmed the place: I like a temperature of around 22°. I remember my very first flat on my own, in Eildon Rd St Kilda: had a fireplace, and a bloke who delivered chopped wood. Oh to be young enough for all that stuff !
          I am definitely looking forward to Saturday morning: we’ll see how everything works .. like the trams and so on. Not to mention how I’ll cope going back to a 5k walk ..


  2. I’ve heard of Park Run but have never seen a course. But good on you, and good on you for your continued weight loss. It’s not an easy thing to do. I love your choice of 70kg!

    BTW I’ve heard of exercise being addictive but have never quite got there myself though on rare occasions I almost feel addicted to doing my yoga, which I do love.

    Sounds like you have got your furniture organised in pretty quick fashion. I can fiddle and faddk about furniture decisions forever.

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    • Got my furniture sorted ? – HA ! Even as I type my mind is ferreting about in search of the ultimate arrangement, Sue .. Shall I have John move the couch over there against the other side of the bedroom wall so that when he’s put the table up it can go there against the side wall ? But what about this damned cupboard ?
      :\ Naah, far from sorted me old china .. The cupboard is the problem ! I shall have the empty the bloody thing to move it !!!!


  3. Oh, good for you, M-R! What a great way to start (and then… 😜). I’ve always meant to sign up to the local Park Run but never quite got there. Rabid sense of independence I suppose.

    I can’t actually talk on the subject of exercise. I am about to embark on trainng for the Sydney Half Marathon starting today and I’ve had to adopt a Beginner program so un-running-fit am I. (It’s not helping that it’s currently 8° (Feels Like 3°) and raining.)

    I will look forward to hearing about your first Park Run on Saturday. 😁


  4. This sounds like such a wonderful effort, M-R. It’s a great way to enjoy the company of others while also accomplishing some exercise and the challenge of completing the walk. I hope you’ll really enjoy yourself and share your experience with us. :-)

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    • You are a lovely person, Debra ! :D
      I’m a bit anxious about Saturday, to be honest: I haven’t done a 5k walk since about 2015 .. And now that my arse has disappeared (like an old man’s !), I know there’s a problem with muscle matter.
      Well, we can only see ..

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      • I hope you can just be gentle with yourself and concentrate on the camaraderie. I went on a big hike with a group I didn’t know very well (about 5 years ago) and I was the straggler. They waited patiently for me and I was a bit uncomfortable making them wait, but they cheered me on. I’ll be eager to hear how it goes for you!

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        • I doubt I could cope with that situation. :(
          But happily I wouldn’t need to, as if you start out solo you can choose to chat (and keep up) with others or remain puffingly speechless and ‘alone’.
          Deo gratias.


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