From MyWW to Lite n Easy explanation

What happened was that I completely fell out of love with cooking.

It was fine as long as I could make my 1-pot stovetop meals and work my way through them. But my sister Paula had pointed out that I wasn’t eating any complete protein while cooking my beans-based vegetarian meals.

It was then I found out that I CAN’T COOK NON-VEGETARIAN. No: not that my noble spirit won’t allow me to; but that I’m not able to !


So I struggled along doing things like eating a shitload of salad with tinned tuna, until I felt that another mouthful of tuna would see me screaming. And Woolworths over the road had put up the price of its roast chickens to $11, which I refused to pay. So for a while it was those deli packets of sliced ham and stuff like that – all of which I actually detest.

And so, of course, I then fell out of love with the MyWW regimen. It was all too hard because I’d never used any of their hundreds of recipes.

Happily, I moved here to Essendon and had changed my Home Care Provider (as mentioned yesterday) and so have someone to offer advice – or, rather, suggest possible solutions. My Look-Afterer says he often eats Lite n Easy meals for the sheer convenience, and recommended a couple. (But he and his wife and kids eat from the straight dinners menu – not the calorie-counted meals; so his choices aren’t available to me.) I signed up; and I’m here to say that although the delivery men are stroppy bastards – well, mine is ! – it’s most definitely worth it !!

I get lunch and dinner. I’ve swapped out my oats banana for a grated apple, and believe me it’s a YUMMY breakfast ! And to not have to even THINK about preparing food is the most delightful thing – just wonderful ..

My Home Care Package picks up 70% of the cost, which means I’m paying just under $41 for a whole week of lunches and dinners because I decided to go with the 1200 calories a day set. Interestingly, moving up to the 1500 a day looks to me to add desserts, coz the menu items have the same names. I’m not a dessert person, and I fill up quickly these days; so as I don’t want to drop too much weight in the short term I’ve ordered some extra soups for next week. It’s all fun !   :)

You can see what I mean about losing weight too quickly .. Of course, a sensible person never weighs herself daily; but I’m glad I did !

I can’t go on eating 1200 calories a day indefinitely; so at some point I’ll cut out the lunches and just order the dinners. Or maybe go up to the 1800 cs a day ! – wowee !! I must check those meals out, sinful as they are ..

But I want to share the joy of never needing, ever !, to think dismally “What on earth am I going to make for my dinner ?” while knowing that it’s meant to be HEALTHY and all that.  With Lite n Easy all that shit’s done for me, lazy old fart that I am ..

8 thoughts on “From MyWW to Lite n Easy explanation

  1. I’m so glad to heat that your nutritious meals are partially subsidized. Imagine! A plan that actually takes into consideration the fact that sound nutrition contributes to good health and saves money in the end. I don’t hear about that kind of forward thinking too often!

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    • It is indeed a very good item in our Government’s palette of ideas re ageing, Downunder, beautiful Debra ! I am a total convert, and would leap upon any soapbox of a Sat’dee arvo (Saturday afternoon) to bruit its value. :)
      The whole Home Care Plan idea is excellent, were it not for the fact that there seems to be very little policing of the ‘approved’ companies who have leapt in to take it on – many of whose practices are highly questionable and grossly over-priced. I, however, have a crush on mine. :D


  2. How wonderful that you get most of this covered. Do they come once a week? I don’t blame you for getting sick of cooking. It’s partly just having to decide every day what to cook, as much as doing it. I get tired of it too. Mr Gums and I are naughty and often eat out for lunch, and then have something light at night. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with weighing yourself everyday as long as you’re not at risk of an eating disorder. That’s when weighing becomes a problem? I don’t think you’re at risk of that?

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  3. It’s fantastic, Sue – a Governmental initiative that’s sensible (and appreciated !). My younger sister and her husband always make lunch their main meal and have a cheese salad or the like for tea: in truth I’d like to swap the meals over but can’t seem to do it .. There’s a habit in the ancient bonce that’s really hard to shift .. Your eating out for lunch is a terrific thing to do, so don’t call it naughty !!


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