Circumstances conspired ..

.. and definitely against me.

So, erhmm .. what do you see as being important in ParkRun’s requirements, eh ?

I had, last Sunday, ordered on-line a credit-card-sized thingy with my name and barcode on it. Didn’t make it here by yesterday’s mail, dammit ! Oh well says I, I’ll just do as they say and print mine off for tomorrow which I would’ve done had my Pixma not had a hissy fit and chosen not to function. It wasn’t the Wi-Fi connection or suchlike but your actual mechanical problem buggerit. No  barcode no participation: the ParkRun site makes that crystal clear.

I was actually relieved on account of having worried myself into quite a state regarding my ability to last anything like the distance. I decided that I wasn’t meant to start today but spend the next week getting in some trial walks: drew up a few Google maps with that in mind.

There’s nice – the delightful little park a few doors up ..

And that kilometres takes in some of the very pretty Bulla Road environs – should be indeed pleasant !

And to replicate ParkRun – were I full of bullets –

So that’s enough practice for a squadron, let alone one old broad ..

I doubt I’ll ever do that 5k walk around my area – it’s not all flat ! But the two single kilometres should be fine for ascertaining my degree of – not fitness, no .. of ability to walk. And then I can go to Maribyrnong without having to be scared because of not knowing if I’m going to collapse or somethin ..


10 thoughts on “Circumstances conspired ..

    • Yep: I realize how madly optimistic it was to even consider doing a 5k run off the bat after years and years of nix ! Walking about Essendon – which is a most delightful suburb, full of gardens – in preparation is, like, The Way To Go ! :D

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  1. I hope you’ll find a way to join another walk with others, but getting out there and finding your own route is good for you physically, and I would think a great stress reducer! Keep it up. 😀

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    • It’s bitterly cold down here, Deb; but this-arvo I did a perambulation around the shopping area and had to clutch my puffer jacket around me as the wind was blowing up under it ! That’s what you get when wearing a puffer jacket bought at something like plus 18 kilos. Sighh ..


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