A day of note (sort of ..)

Yesterday I entered upon my eightieth year.

When I write it like that, I can see what my favourite man means when he says “But the day you turn 80 is just one more day after you weren’t 80 !” when he’s scoffing at my saying I’m scared of that birthday. Birthdays are just .. well, days, right ?

So now that I’m 79 and not looking to the next birthday (well, at least saying that to him) I should be able to shrug my shoulders and say so what ?!

Ah well.

I had a wonderfully enjoyable morning-tea with my second-favourite man; and there’s another morning-tea coming up next week when we’re joined by the absent one, to make up for his not being with us yesterday. I don’t know of anyone in my age-group who gets entertained by two gorgeous and truly intelligent men.

My life with these two in it is full of sunshine (and rain, and cold – it is winter in Melbourne, after all !). I am a singularly lucky old fart.   :D

21 thoughts on “A day of note (sort of ..)

  1. Oh, and a very happy birthday do you M-R. I’m thrilled that you have a couple of gorgeous intelligent men in your life, but I bet you make their lives special too. You are such an engaged, fun and real person. Have a grrreat 80th year.

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    • And they are REALLY clever ! – I love them both dearly (although only one occupies The Special Place in my heart). I admire them enormously – well, I wouldn’t love them if I didn’t ..


  2. Happy Birthday M-R! I have been wondering how you are, you have been quiet lately. An 80th birthday is quite an achievement, I’m glad you have had a lovely day! I hope to see you around your blog a bit more now!


  3. Sue ! – you are reading via the bloody Reader, and not the actual post.
    You must be; for you seem to think I turned 80, whereas I actually turned 79 and thus began my eightieth year.
    Oh how I detest the Reader. :(


  4. I am so pleased that you shared, and that I can wish you a very happy birthday, M-R. I think that some birthdays seem to sneak up on us, but once we recognize that we have been given the gift of living through each decade, then it’s time to celebrate! Celebrate this 79th birthday with your “two guys,” knowing that your friend in California thinks you’re fabulous! Happy belated, but very special birthday.

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    • Very much appreciated, beautiful Debra ! – it brings great pleasure to know that one’s friends in other countries are – well, there ! :D
      And as usual, you’re spot on: the fellers really are a reminder that it don’t much matter how many decades are under the belt, there can always be joys to come.

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  5. Hi Margie,

    A belated but sincere “Bon anniversaire” to you!

    I’d just finished listening to the following discussion (from the BBC4 archives) when I read this post, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    You’re indeed very fortunate to have such stimulating and lovely people in your life, and may it continue for a long, long time, packed with all kinds of plaisirs! P xx


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