Thinking of writing again

It seems more than slightly egocentric to post about it; but I actually have a question to put to anyone out there who’s written more than once ..

Q: How hard is it ?I don’t want to start out with fanfare and champagne and then pathetically back away because it was too demanding.

So somehow I have to find out about going through the writing process a second time.

As to what .. I’m only capable of writing in the first person; and fiction is something I couldn’t write to save my life.  It would be, were I to get stuck in and Nike, entitled “How to Grow Old and Silly Successfully” – a topic with which I have a very close relationship ..

It would be instances of my more idiotic performances in Life, and how their various ‘audiences’ responded. In my own writing style, of course ..

Does it sound the faintest bit amusing ?

ATLMD was written from a vastly different point of view; but it did contain a fair bit of humour, as anyone who’s read it will (jesus I hope so !!) attest.

So. How hard is it to write a second magnum opus, anyone ?

26 thoughts on “Thinking of writing again

  1. Absolutely you should. Your blogs are funny and entertaining so draw on that and have a go. You have nothing to lose and a sense of achievement to gain. All the best with it.

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    • I’m much obliged to you, Catherine, you young strop ! [grin] Not that I would ever blame you for being stroppy, mind: it’s hardly fair for one with so (comparatively) few years to be prevented from enjoying all the rest as much as she should .. And you’re entirely correct to boil it down as you do: makes it much easier ! Big hug from winter down here.


  2. Beats me. I’ve never written a book. Not a complete one, anyway. I settle for blogging, commenting on whatever interests me that day. Don’t have the attention span to crank out an entire book on any one topic.

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  3. It’s harder today to write than it used to be I suspect. With so many blogs around, everyone is honing their writing skills, and clearly there’s a lot of writing talent around. But – just do it anyway, just for fun. I realise though I’ve missed something -what was your first written work?

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    • The memoir I wrote about the 31 years I shared with my beloved husband was picked up by a publisher in Western Australia (my home state). They did nothing at all to publicise it; but I used my then blog for the purpose, and followers were incredibly good and generous about it. :) It was called “And Then Like My Dreams”.


  4. I sure cannot advise from any personal experience, but I will say that I was completely sincere in my praise of ATLMD. It was a personal story, which I enjoy, and you are a very good story teller, M-R. I think the writing process is hard work for all authors, but when the muse begins to call you, I think you might answer without putting too much pressure on yourself. Write, and see where it takes you. I hope you’ll get some proper feedback from fellow authors, but I’ll confirm that I do like the concept/title you’re considering. :-)

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  5. That title would make me curious to read it, M-R! Why not give it a go? It sounds like fun! You’ve got us all looking forward to it now, so you have to!

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    • I’ve begun to think of self-publishing this time, Sue, rather than looking for a publisher.
      But t’ll depend, I suppose, on how happy I am with it.
      Not to mention whether or not I finish it, eh ?!!


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