A morning in the life

The silence within the room lengthened. Outside, however, could still be heard the infuriating sound of the laundromat’s dryers, rhythmically whining their horrid metallic row.

“Nano-particles ..” she said.

The cat curled tightly between her knees on the recliner chair ignored this pronouncement and merely wrapped his tail more securely around himself. He was used to such utterances and had learned never to be surprised.

She’d just finished re-crocheting all the acrylic yarn already used once this-morning and was making (again) the back of a sweater, this time ten stitches wider than the one she’d been working on for some hours, so the concept was relevant: acrylic yarn is full of ’em.

“I might actually have some real wool !” she told the cat, guiltily; “remember that cardigan I started to knit ? – it’s in the hallway drawers ..” and she put the huge acrylic yarn cake onto the side table, together with the crocheted piece, failing to see that the thread was caught around one of the cat’s back feet. At the same time as she rose she gently pushed him off her lap and, too late !, saw the problem.

It was a shitfight. The enormous yarn cake went flying and she stupidly tried to catch it, not wanting to have to untangle the equivalent of eight balls of yarn; her forward leap meant that the flap of the recliner didn’t shut but opened up and caught the back of her shins punishingly. With loud imprecations she was flung at the couch on the other side of the little room and grabbed at it to stop her fall, managing only to yank all the cushions off and onto her head as she hit the floor.

The cat, meanwhile, had leaped frantically sideways out of her path and onto his climbing tree, knocking it over so that it fell behind her – fitting neatly between her slippers and the open recliner. He landed on her bum, claws out for support, then leaped off and raced for cover in the bedroom: he had a feeling she was not going to be happy ..

She lay there for a bit, shaken by the act of falling. Tons of stuff around for her to heave herself up by. The dryers just went on grinding out their hideous song from below.

“So,” she said to no-one, “what’s my take on THAT ?!”

A couple of seconds of thought, and then she heaved herself up, shedding cushions and kicking the cat-tree away.

Happily she was only bruised if you didn’t count the claw-marks on her arse. Unhappily the acrylic yarn cake was spread everywhere.

“Easy,” she finished: “forget being eco-minded.”

23 thoughts on “A morning in the life

  1. OMG – now it’s the laundry below that’s bothering you !! You are NOT going to move again.
    What you get up to on your own (actually – no cause poor cat involved) is unbelievable .
    I hope you’re okay – must have been a fright – but unfortunately the visions are very funny – sorry M-R.
    XXX Goanna/Iguana/Reptilian buddy. :-)

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    • They are ? – very funny ?
      Excellent !!!
      Darlin old thing, I have been in an ongoing struggle with the EPA since arriving here three months ago. If I were thinking of moving, I wouldn’t’ve bothered.


  2. For a second, I thought to had joined the ranks of Friday Fictioneers but the reality is more shocking. I’ll be thinking about the back of your shins and the cat scratch on your nether regions for the rest of the morning.
    The sound of a dryer is better than most neighbourhood sounds I hear.

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  3. You are such a clever writer that the lines blur between fiction and the re-telling of a could-be nasty fall. I can easily see how this could happen. All it takes is one slight misstep. Glad you’re generally unhurt, and I’m also happy to see you writing in this style. You have a talent!

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  4. You should write another book M-R – I know you hurt yourself , but God it made me laugh. You set the scene beautifully Peacefully crocheting with cat in lap – irritating noise in bg of laundry driers – then you make a decision to get some different wool and then chaos 🙄🥹‼️😂 I can visualise the rest in slo mo And pissed myself (at your expense) the whole activity in your apt. You have such a talent to bring the reader into your situation I felt I was in the room helplessly watching this hilarious scenario unfold.👌

    A book of short stories about everyday life and the difficulties we have as we age trying to keep up with the world of today xxx Thanks for the laughs. Goanna ( upright!) Sent from my iPhone


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    • Now THAT is a review !! I shall need to warn Whispering Gums of your approach, my darlin old thing !! But first I must make it clear that it was all in my head: the location and the cast list are real, of course – but the action is only in the ancient bonce. I was trying my hand at writing fiction, to see if I could ..


  5. The cat-trees I have seen in the pet stores here are all absolutely enormous! If you kicked that, M-R, I’m sure you would have had a badly stubbed toe! Ouch.

    I am impressed by your crocheting skills. My neighbour is a retired registered nurse who grew up on a farm. She is one of those country women who can turn her hand to anything, and is not only a fabulous gardener and cook but knits the most beautiful jumpers. I am in awe of people who can knit and crochet things like that.

    We look forward to the next installment – but do be careful, M-R! I am relieved to here much of it was fiction, I thought it had actually happened.

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  6. Loved it, Margie. You set up the atmosphere so well, so vividly, I knew exactly in what state of mind you/your character found herself. I was transported into that quiet mind-bubble, one where you’re alone, concentrating on a single task, yet there’s a most annoying, insistent, low background noise that keeps trespassing, entering that little bubble you’re in, grating on your nerves. It’s just THERE. Arghhhh! I know I’ve been in similar situations at different times, but YOU managed to put it into WORDS! Perfectly!

    And then came that dramatic physical moment.

    Be more careful, please! And may any future tumbles remain the stuff of fiction only.

    Keep writing!

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