And they say silence is golden ..

It was an amazing noise.

There we all were in the first floor salon of my very swish hairdresser – I will admit, it was only my second time but I am determined to be able to afford them ! – and it sounded as if everyone was having the most marvellous time. The sound track made me laugh with joy, that babble of voices and laughter and callings-out, all to the background of a music tape someone had dubbed. Hairdressers are delightful – well, this lot is: they make you feel as if you’re visiting rather than obtaining a paid service. And I do assure you that the service is EXCELLENT !

I was sitting at a big table, crocheting while my now extremely short hair (had just had a #4 buzzcut) was getting paler by the moment, in the room that has four basins for washing and tricking up colour. Couldn’t help remarking on how four totally unalike women looked almost identical when lying back with their heads in the basins and their eyes closed in bliss ..

The volume ratcheted up a bit as a late-comer from the staff arrived to general insults and calumny: you get to know them all, not just the ones who actually work on you. (And today I turned out to be quite hard work; as the top back part of my hair – the double crown – was refusing to be bleached. If I remember at all, it took the original 40′ and about four or five more lots of 10′ ! I am happy to say that the end result is, she said modestly, terrific.)

The music was pulsing in the background as a track – and in fact this side of the tape – neared the end; and shortly it stopped. One of those sudden lulls in the vocal row happened at exactly that moment; and not at all loudly but because of the unexpected quiet seemingly like a thunderclap, someone farted.

O.M.G. !

A second or two of frozen silence.

Then someone giggled. And then another person. And within a matter of seconds the entire floor was in uproar ! I honestly doubt that the perpetrator of The Ghastly Deed was ever identified, and nobody cared — it was simply hilarious.    :)

I’ve often wondered what it is about farts that makes them so funny .. I think it’s because they’re kind of frowned on but only a wee bit naughty – like, finger-waggingly wicked and not even worth a cross word. Depending, of course .. [grin]

15 thoughts on “And they say silence is golden ..

  1. You’ve reminded me I’m overdue for a haircut — and it’s so much more than that. Such a treat having someone else shampoo, rinse, style, while conversing about most anything (except politics. These days we don’t dare go there.)

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  2. That would be hilarious for sure. I remember a time in the UK when I entered the room to huge laughter clearly brought about by the fact that someone had farted. “Did someone fart?” I asked, a question met with silent, but clear disapproval! Clearly it was ok to fart, but definitely not ok to mention it. I still don’t get it. I struggle with British propriety.

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    • I was talking about this with my younger sister on the phone. We both fell about at the thought of there being many people who cannot bring themselves to even mention the word. What humourless lives they must lead, Chris ! :D


    • NOnononono ! Farts are simply funny, and that’s it.
      Dunno why, like I said. But it’s not to do with embarrassment, Amanda !!


    • There would’ve been roughly a dozen customers with a combo of female and male hairdressers that morning, Michele. And of course the blokes make more noise than the women ! :D


        • (Was there an image there ?)
          Mine has huge high roof – in an old Melbourne building – and is a small number of rooms. I love it; but it gets crowded pdq. Their indoor plants !! – I must take a shot or two: they’re to die for !


  3. What a delightful story, M-R. I have found a similar camaraderie in the salon where my hair dresser, now a friend, has been for decades now. Your question is a very good one. If my 5-year old grandson can’t produce a fart naturally, he makes sure that he verbally does his best to imitate! And then laughs uproariously. It starts early! :-)

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