So much BLOOD ! :\

The other night the fire alarms went off AGAIN – it was just over a week since the last time,

I knew it would be a false alarm, but one has to do the right thing (I suppose). So I sighed heavily, switched off the split system, opened the door to the balcony, turned off the Breville Barista Express (on which I had just made a coffee !), and went into the bedroom to fetch the Boodsta and put him into his carry-basket.

For reasons of which I had and still have ZERO understanding, he decided he was terrified. I will admit that the doleful yelling of “EMERGENCY ! – evacuate NOW !!” was not conducive to rest as it went on and on and on; but we’d done this several times when we were living in Maribyrnong, and just last week, and he’d had no problems at all. So ..?

Whose nose ?, as Stringer liked so much to ask.    :D

I realised immediately that Boodie was distinctly lacking in cooperation, and had to struggle with him right away. The little bugger’s claws came into their own, and as he was absolutely determined not to be put into the soft carrier, they made contact with my right hand. I shouted an imprecation and re-doubled my efforts.

No dice. He escaped and rushed out onto the balcony, from whence he simply walked along the railing into the next unit’s balcony and thumbed his moggy nose at me.

I gave up. Went around to the lifts – yes, wicked me ! I knew it was another false alarm and so couldn’t be bothered going down the concrete stairs – and it was only when I pressed the button that I saw the gore. I see-ed the bleed !! [grin]

In fact I’d bled all down the corridor, and there was a smallish pool of it on the lift floor. My hand was wonderfully dramatic with blood trailing excitingly all down my fingers and dripping off ! When I emerged onto the footpath outside the front door there were gasps of horror. “OMG ! – have you got a big wound ?” – followed by disbelief when I showed what Boodie had done: one small claw-hole !

The firies had already turned up – quiet Saturday arvo – and one of them was delegated to attend to me and my cascading blug, which he did with admirable speed and efficiency. But I was obliged, after we’d all been let back in, to get some paper towels and my Koh spray and clean up after meself.

Blood thinners, of course. I’d forgotten I’m taking ’em. They turned an otherwise boring event into a delightfully awful one.

31 thoughts on “So much BLOOD ! :\

  1. Well, I was interrupted by a phone call so don’t know if I posted what I was saying or not. Anyway, something about cat behavior never being predictable and they might freak out for any reason or no reason. I’ve been punctured plenty of times.

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    • Come now, Michele: I refuse to believe that either of your two has ever behaved like an ordinary mog !! [grin] – especially Biscuit ..


  2. Well I guess your furry companion was stating “I’m in charge of me!” Such brutal independence. LOL! My husband is on blood thinners and there are times he can leave behind what can only be equated with a crime scene! I hope you aren’t having false alarms in the middle of the night, but I’m glad to know you follow through even knowing it’s likely nothing at all. You have good emergency habits, even if Boodz isn’t cooperative!

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    • It SO took me aback, Deb ! – why this time ?! You should see the heel of my hand now: there’s a large bruised area with a teeny claw-hole in the middle ! [grin]
      Tell your husband to stay out of the bathroom if he means to shave .. :D

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      • I am continually asking him “what happened?” as I note blood on his arm or hand and he never knows what he did! We have a huge supply of bandaids.

        I think your precious kitty was just sick and tired of the false alarms and wasn’t having anything to do with it. Sorry your took the brunt, however. 🙀

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  3. I’m glad you are OK after all that blood and excitement M-R! I hope you are surviving this wet weather without problems – I heard the rain in Melbourne today has been pretty bad. We have cold, rainy weather for the big car race here this weekend, I am hunkering down as I detest it all – I am watching opera dvds and trying to take my mind off it all. We may all have webbed feet soon!

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    • Which operas, Sue ? I am an appassionata of Italian opera and a few French; but not of Wagner or Mozart. I have some gorgeous DVDs in which the greatest tenor of them all stars ..


  4. I would appreciate any suggestions M-R! I’ve only just started my collection – I have Zeferelli’s La Traviata which I love with Domingo and Teresa Stratas, and Barishnikov’s Don Quixote – and I have ordered the Return of the Firefly (Bolshoi). I have a couple of old DVDs of the Australian Ballet I purchased years ago from the ABC Shop, but I am looking for a more diverse collection.

    I have developed a medical issue which makes life in hot weather unpleasant, so if I am to spend summer afternoons in air conditioning I thought I would make an attempt to improve my knowledge of opera and ballet, both of which I love.

    Most of my (second hand) DVDs do seem to come from Melbourne!

    I’m definitely open to your suggestions of what I should order next!

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    • Well, you hit the right note, me old china !! – it was Domingo to whom I referred. In my book I tell of my passion for him and of our meeting and dining with him. :D
      Turandot; Carmen; Francesca da Rimini; Un Ballo in Maschera .. the list goes on, as they say. Send me queries via email: we can rave on in mutual joy.


  5. Sorry I got sidetracked onto the ballet just then M-R, which I’m collecting too – any suggestions of opera DVDs would be much appreciated – I tend to stick with the Metropolitan Opera for safety I think – so please further my knowledge!!!!

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