Moving on up the line

I moved in here in Essendon in mid-April, and was happy. I still am. It’s the smallest apartment I’ve inhabited, but the Boodsta and I manage very well, and exist in mutual satisfaction. My wonderful helper, Luz, comes every second Thursday and cleans and cleans – easily the best ever ! – and that arvo Boodie commences spreading as much beige-coloured litter granule thingies around as poss. Sighhh ..

But. A family member here in Melbourne is not at all well, and in fact needs fairly constant attention. She lives in Kew East: I live in Essendon:

We are not close – in any sense. And yet I must make that trip more than a couple of times a week. Woe !!!

The problem is that tram seats are appallingly uncomfortable – especially the ones in the newer trams ! I now suffer chronic sacroiliitis (horrid word) and am obliged to off-set my daily fibre intake by throwing down Panadeine Forte so as to be able to move freely. What my unhappy gut will make of this remains to be seen.     :(

It can’t go on. You know what this means. I wrote to my favourite man a few weeks back —

(As you see, I managed to turn it into a whinge – I’m good at that.)

Seems logical to see if I can find an apartment in the CBD. Having ascertained (to my astonishment !) that Melbourne has my heart and always did have from the time I lived here for nearly ten years, back in my sinful youth – cf. And then like my dreams – I have also had to accept that Melbourne city proper is co-owner of it. It is, of course, remotely possible that it might have to do with coming into town every so often to morning-coffee with one or other or both of my two gorgeous men .. I s’pose .. [grin]

I went to a viewing of what seemed a delightful little apartment on Friday morning:

It was very far from delightful. That was the entire width, side to side ! The bottom cupboard on the left housed the “European laundry” – meaning there were taps for a very small washing-machine, but no space at all for a dryer; and as the balcony is about one pace wide (Boodie would hate it !), the concept of drying one’s clothes out there was to me ungraspable. The tenants being still in occupation, the bedroom housed a double (only) mattress on the floor, which occupied the space virtually from side to side – no wonder they didn’t put an actual bed in it ! The bathroom storage wasn’t. In fact the word ‘storage’ must have been considered a swear-word by the architects .. I can’t imagine who they had in mind when drawing up their plans. And for this kingdom the landlord wanted $320 a week.

So now you know that it’s true, everything they’re telling you about Melbourne rents.

But although I’ve had to tell my property manager that I’ve given up the search – for I did on Friday – I just came across another CBD apartment, which is a real one, I think. One doesn’t know until one lays eyes.

This is not an enjoyable process. To begin with, it’s one that’s been thrust upon me; and then the expenses are horrific. I guess I have to try to think positively and tell myself that if a CBD apartment that I like comes out of this, it will cut my travelling time in just over half and sacroiliitis will be a thing of the past.

And it might be super, living in the city ..

21 thoughts on “Moving on up the line

  1. Oh, MR, I’m so very sorry you have to move! I’ve always thought it one of life’s worst experiences, even when you’re excited about the new place. Here’s hoping that second apartment you found is a winner.

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  2. Sue, I’m her only family within reach: our younger sister is locked in Tassie, unable to take any covid vaccine. And so no, there will be no-one for me when I go gaga.
    I’ll have to be put away, drooling .. [grin]


  3. I wonder, M-R, how long this responsibility might be required? Would it be better in the long term to deal with the discomfort of the travel for a period to then remain where you are happy into the future rather than move to somewhere that makes it easier in the short term but miserable in the long run?

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear of the required changes, M-R. It must be terribly disappointing, and then add in the costs that come with being a companion and carer for someone else. I really hope that something opens up for you that softens the disappointment. I’m rooting for you! ❤️

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    • Your heart is definitely in the right place, beautiful Debra – have I told you that before ?
      I must borrow heavily to do this, but at least I have a wonderful and generous friend who has agreed to see me through financially, and I shall be repaying her as my first priority. Unhappily, I can’t ask the family member involved, as paranoia about money is a major problem there .. But, you know, it’s possible something good might come out of all this !


  5. Good lord, MR, there would not have been enough counter space in that apartment to make toast, let alone enough room for furniture. I hope you find your CBD apartment that’s closer and is comfortable for both you and Boodie. It’s hell trying to travel and ending up with panful physical issues. My scoliosis doesn’t allow me to sit in uncomfortable airplane seats for more than two hours and long road trips are out of the question, so I understand your dilemma. May your next move be your last one because I think you’ve done this enough.

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    • I have done almost nothing but MOVE since Chic died, dear M-J my friend, as you so rightly say. I’ve been heartily sick of doing so for most of those nearly 17 years. Sighhh ..
      I believe I now understand I shan’t be able to afford a city apartment, alas ! – so the drive has shifted to suburbs the line the CBD instead. I have one I hope to find out about tomorrow, today being YET ANOTHER public holiday. Grrrrrrr .. I turned down an excellent offer because I knew it would mean another move, and feel virtuous. Sort of. :\

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