No Living for (or even in) the City for me

Did me best; and the place I liked most – studio on the ground floor in La Trobe Street – had forty applicants and they came down to two, of which I was one. The Property Manager was sure the owner would pick me but no, the other bastard got it.   :(

So I persevered with looking, and have ended up with another studio – but in South Yarra, not the city. And what a terrific little studio it is !! There’s a division between the living-room and the bedroom which is created by a quarter-wall; and the side facing into the bedroom is a set of shelves and a nifty clothes-hanging little cupboard ! The living area occupies almost half the space, longitudinally so to speak, and its glass doors open out onto the full-width balcony that the Boodster is going to LOVE !! – as will I, because it faces south and looks over low buildings to the left and greenery to the right. I shall sit out there with him and crochet. He will regard the world, as is his wont.

This little place is almost in the middle of the Chapel Street|Toorak Road nexus – not quite – and is shops, shops and more shops. I couldn’t be happier !

 Moving next Tuesday. All the usual horrible stuff going on with regard to it; but I have to say that this time it isn’t the removalists but that changes to casual labour have meant Aunty Grace wasn’t able to find people to do my packing – which means the removalists will have to and that’s thrown all the plans for the day into chaos. Doing my best to sort it ..

I would so dearly love this delightful little studio to be my ‘forever home’ (as is said so often in YouTube videos of rescue animals); but of course it will depend entirely upon its owner. I wonder who is the patron saint of tenants of rented premises ? – anyone know ? [grin]

Hokayyy .. Off to do some planning of what (if anything !) I can do on Monday to speed up the packing on Tuesday morning. We’re starting at 0700 – we’re tigers for punishment ..

20 thoughts on “No Living for (or even in) the City for me

    • Fifth, Sue ! It must be smaller, because I’m in an actual apartment now .. but I can tell you I’m going to be RAPT to be there (once I’ve worked out where to stash my yarn).
      It cuts over half an hour off the journey; but as she’s declared fully competent, I won’t have to be there nearly so often !!

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  1. BTW found this: Our Lady of Loreto (one of the names for the Blessed Mother, Mary) and St. Joseph work together to protect tenants, and to keep them with steady employment to pay their rental obligations. Who could be better than they!!!

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  2. I was sorry to hear you missed out on the first place, but it sounds like you found another you like even better. A fifth floor balcony and shops nearby — so much trouble to get into! ;)

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  3. I am also going to hope “BIG TIME” that this is your forever home. You’ve found a good one, and it needs to be the haven that you deserve. I am so happy that it is in close proximity to the shops you will likely very much enjoy. I hope Tuesday’s moving day is smooth sailing. :-)

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    • It is looking very much as though it will AT LEAST be better than the last few times, beautiful Debra ! :) As well, I’ve minimised so much that it has to be quicker, thank all the gods.


  4. MR, I hope this IS your forever home…or furrever home as is known in the cat kingdom. It sounds like the patio is the best part of your new studio since it is a way to see the world and breathe fresh air when the weather is warm. Enjoy the new place, once the madness of moving and unpacking is done.

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    • Oh M-J, here I sit in my usual state of anxiety .. even though the packers were really pretty damn good. I haven’t had a good removal since I lost the services of WAT Relocations down in Geelong. But ! – at the same time I am full of anticipation for this move: I feel in my bones it’s gonna be a good-ie. An hour to go before the removalists turn up; and they just called to tell me so, which is a great commencement.
      Thanks me auld darlint ! – kiss the grey wizard for me ..

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