New beginnings   :)

So. My new life has started. Here I am, living in South Yarra again. As my very old friend The Black Bastard said “You’re right back when we first met !”; because I was living in Rockley Road back in 1972. Malcolm Street isn’t frightfully close to there – like, not the next street or anything – but if I screamed very loudly they’d possibly hear me. [grin]

It’s quite extraordinary, to me. I go out to the Post Office and I’m walking past café after café, lunch place after lunch place, bar after bar .. It’s not fair ! – I mean, the temptation levels are stupendously high ..

You should see (a) the backs of my hands and my forearms and (b) my ankles and lower legs (actually, I wouldn’t make you suffer by having to regard those – I have the very worst there are !) .. the dragging about of cartons and things while packing and then unpacking, together with those fucking blood-thinners, have covered thes areas in quite appalling bruises. Some of them are sort of lumpy – ACK !!!

The worst move I’ve ever had, and that’s saying quite something. If you’re feeling masochistic, I shall make available the email I sent to the boss of the moving company (of course one I had never used before – the only one I’ve ever had that I would use again is down in Geelong) and you will grasp the reasons for my .. ahh .. dissatisfaction pretty bloody quickly ! However, it’s done and dealt with and I have now put it out of my head forever.

This little ‘studio’ is SUPER. I shan’t describe it until it’s really over the unpacking and putting away, so that I can add some images (pity I can’t add smells – some residents are having a barbecue down in the garden !).

Boodie is in heaven, much as I am: he found, the moment I let him out onto the balcony, that the divisions between apartments don’t reach the ground. He is the most adventurous little moggy, and off he went – right down to the far end. I wasn’t worried: he knows where his home is; and sho’ nuff he was back in ten minutes telling me all about it.   :D

Can hardly wait to show you the tennis court and the garden; and you’ll know why when you see the images. [grin]

I have yet to finish unpacking one carton, into which the arseholes who call themselves packers had chucked a whole shitload of STUFF that rolled about and became entangled and squashed and generally turned into shapes they aren’t meant to be. And when that’s done I will be able to take the flattened empty cartons down to the  industrial waste area in the basement – no more having to pay to have it taken away !

Yee-ha !!

The place has a pool  and a tennis-court and a gym. Other things too  but I don’t recall ’em off the top of my head. I mean to utilise the first and the third once I have something appropriate I can wear.

I’ve made friends with the delightful couple next-door, which started with my sticking my head around the balcony division and warning them they’d be seeing a small two-tone cat zooming by, ere long. They were both ecstatic, both being cat-lovers ! We are going out for coffee next week.   :)

I – sorry about always seeming to be talking about myself .. dunno how to avoid that – am pretty well exhausted: I got tenser and tenser as the move neared, and the day itself was just hell, morning to night. I’m sleeping well, but it don’t seem to  be enough, dunno why. “M-R sleeps well, but she could sleep better. B minus.”

For now, over and out from this happy old fart.

19 thoughts on “New beginnings   :)

    • HCG, my most-admired writing person – it gives me HUGE pleasure to hear from you !! :D
      To know you’re up there in another country that’s totally confused by its weather, let alone its politics, is absolute joy – and it would be surpassed only by your being able to return to the fold and continue about your glorious house and garden and hedgehogs. And husband. And writing. And ANYTHING. But I understand that you cannot; and so I survive on these occasional inputs, receiving them with happiness. XO

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  1. Oh that’s horrendous M-R. We are about to do some moving next year – downsizing from a home to an apartment – and I’m dreading it. You can replace a damaged mattress but you can’t replace damaged or broken sentimental pieces. We will do ad much ourselves as we can. I remember in one move from the USA having books badly damaged. Books! Who can’t pack books properly? Anyhow, I am SO glad you are happy with the place and that you have already met neighbours.

    PS I assume the boss has gone quietly!


    • He has. Sorry to have told this story to someone about to do a complete move, Sue – try not to let it affect you; for you will be using a big company, I’m sure. I can’t afford their rates, and that has been my false economy in the past.


      • I think we will this time probably but that’s no guarantee. It was a big company that damaged my books – and in that move destroyed a bookcase among other things! We’ve used a few removalists over the last 6 or 7 years with multiple house clearings and downsizings for older relatives and/or their estates – from big companies to small ones. Partly it’s the company but partly it’s the training and, even more, the COMMONSENSE and MOTIVATION of the men (usually men) on the ground.

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  2. Good morning/evening, my small clever friend ! :)
    Exhausting is an extremely relevant word, indeed it is. Bruising, too, she said repetitively.
    Thankyer thankyer. Here’s a hug – put down those circulars ..


  3. What a wonderful report, M-R. I’m sorry you are so “beat up” with the rigors of the move itself, but your description of places to walk, talk to people, mingle and share your life with others simply warms my heart. I think you can expect really wonderful camaraderie with the neighbors, given they love cats! I couldn’t be more delighted, and I am going to look forward to those photos when you get settled. With the new year barreling upon us, I am tempted to already wish you a happy new year! It’s boding well. :-)

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  4. Well, Hannah my virtully-Scottish (or Glaswegian, I should say) mate, things have changed. This is me, after all .. :(
    There will be another post on this topic.
    For now, ’nuff said, mate !


  5. Oh, I am so happy for you and Boodie, that you are in a place you love, with cat-loving neighbors, a patio with a view, and plenty of cafes to explore in the neighborhood. It sounds like a lovely place, a place where I might choose to live. At the moment, we are entering winter with new-fallen snow and bitter cold to come this week and I’m already wishing I was in spring. Enjoy your new place and warm weather and can’t wait to see the studio when it is all put together. As for the moving dudes, sorry you had such an inept company. Let’s hope you never have to go through that again.

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