Again ? – another year already ??!

Not fair: the older I become the faster time goes. It should be the other way ’round. Sighhh .. Oh well, I shall be accepting of this more than somewhat dismaying tendency.

Happy Noo Yurr to anyone and everyone who passes this way: be of good cheer and welcome in 2023 with optimism. It’s no good grumbling “Why ? for heaven’s sake !!! – there ain’t nuthin’ to be optimistic about ..” because One Never Knows.

And besides, I LOVE YOUS ALL, channelling Our Jeff. There can be little better than that, surely ?    [grin]

9 thoughts on “Again ? – another year already ??!

  1. You remind me of Calvin and Biscuit, Michele – please extend my wishes to them as well ? :)
    Charging has commenced (but I could wish for it to be a bit less steamy) !
    I salute you and the DH from Downunder . . :D


  2. I do agree with you that these years tick off so quickly it’s at times alarming! But I even hear much younger people saying that, too, which makes me wonder what that is about! Happy New Year, dear friend. I wish you a year of peace and contentment in your wonderful apartment. :-)

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  3. Time is indeed flying by. Although considering the last couple of years here in the States, perhaps that’s a blessing. Here’s to a slower, more peaceful (and healthy) new year for you and Boodz and all of us. Cheers!

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    • You mystify me, Susan – the last couple ? I would’ve thought (hoped !) that it was an earlier few, if you get my drift .. But having lost the drive to follow once tRump was defeated I am very much out of the picture. I had best read up !! (Not Michelle’s latest: my one-eyed obsession doesn’t allow for her to detest her husband, not even back whenever.)


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