The famous Sydney fireworks

You’ve heard of them, yes ?

So this is what they’re like ..

Frankly, I had long since grown bored by fireworks during my 41 years in Tinseltown there: Stringer and I spent about 15 of them living in Pyrmont, right under several of the central points of ‘delivery’.

Even now it seems to me just more of the same.  But them wot’s never seen these fireworks will think more of them than do I ..

10 thoughts on “The famous Sydney fireworks

  1. I have always heard of them and I’m sure they’re spectacular, but like you, I don’t get too excited. I think I’m too practical, which doesn’t make me fun at parties. 😉

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  2. I’ve always loved a great fireworks show, and Syndney’s is one of those across the world that I’d love to see. Ten times better over water. That said, I’m not willing to go alone, nor in freezing cold weather. And anymore I really hate crowds and traffic. Worse, it all happens in the middle of the night. Hmm, I guess I used to love fireworks shows.

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    • Not freezing, Susan – hot and sweaty ! :)
      If you hate crowds, this is definitely not for you: they had to close off The Rocks area and the Harbour Bridge !!


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