Waxing philosophical

Whenever I visit one of my favourite songs – and boy, there are lots of ’em ! – I have cause to reflect upon .. well, Life, I guess.

Here’s one I never tire of (but then, I never tire of any of said favourites): it’s from 1978 as you will guess from the outfit. Alicia Bridges was a knockout !

I look at her while I’m listening and think how terrific she looks: what fantastic shape she’s in – those legs ! – those arms ! And, of course, she sounds equally good, imnsho. What a time she must have had when that song was doing the hit parades and the discos ! How fêted she must have been ! She would’ve been referenced world-wide for the movie “Love at First Bite”, too – which was rendered madly popular by this song (and possibly also by the rather yummy George Hamilton).

And then there is — now ..

What must it be like to have had a life like that and to find yourself suddenly – because age always comes suddenly – on the cusp of 70 ..?

I have to be grateful for never having been beautiful or talented; for the come-down that ageing brings must be almost infinitely worse for those thus blessed ..



19 thoughts on “Waxing philosophical

  1. Haha … I love this silver lining M-R. I can relate.

    I was reading some social media thing in which a 60s plus woman touted the benefits of giving up dying her hair (like money and time saved) and the responses were so traumatised by the issue. I felt like saying what about never starting? Think how much money and time – and trauma when you age / that would have saved! But I didn’t of course because it’s too late …

    I hope Alicia Bridges and others of her ilk (I often feel sorry for Jane Fonda) had a good sense of herself as a person rather than as an icon and has moved through her decades with grace and natural style.

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  2. I am laughing even as I type my comment, MR. You do make a good point, my friend. All that adulation and spotlight and knowing you can command the attention of a whole room and then…what?? My life of ordinary is just fine with me. I’m not real big on needing attention! :-)

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    • But, you know, Michele, back in the ’70s we weren’t a very high-steppin lot. I can think only of Travolta’s “Saturday Night Fever” – and that was a dance to stand back and watch, really ..


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